The Fox is Black

  • Sooooo Monday is my birthday, I’ll be turning 41. Last year at this time, we had only just arrived in Paris, for a week long stay. Now I’m in San Sebastián, enjoying the cooler weather and intense greenery that surrounds the town. I keep seeing a lot of TikTok’s lately about aging, specifically, how great it feels to be more comfortable as you get older. I would agree with this. Priorities in life seem clearer, worries seem more manageable, the chaos of life a little less scary. I went on a long hike with Kyle and the dogs this morning, I wrote and did some planning, and I have a very fancy dinner planned for tonight. I hope you have an equally lovely weekend.

    Weekend Detritus — The Fox Is Black

    Things To Read

    Le Corbusier’s Little Cabin by the Sea
    In 1951, on a corner table at Thomas Rebuttato’s Côte d’Azur restaurant, l’Étoile de Mer, Le Corbusier drew up the plans for a holiday home. A place where two people could sleep, wash, take shelter from the heat or the rain, read, write or draw, all whilst enjoying the magnificent views. Is Where We Go to Find Ourselves Online
    Why co-founder Charles Broskoski will never let AI, ads, or algorithms take away from “the thing” that does.

    the internet is wonky again
    Despite the common narrative that Instagram is dead, your TikTok feed is getting boring, and every other cis white guy is starting a newsletter and a podcast, the ruins of social media as we know it might be the start of some of the most exciting times to be online.

    ‘It Was Like Pastel Bauhaus’: How Paul Reubens’s Collaborators Brought the Spirit of Downtown Art to ‘Pee-wee’s Playhouse’
    Two of his collaborators, artists Gary Panter and Wayne White, talk about the creative whirlwind of his zeitgeist-defining kids show.

    An ode to hotel lobbies, the unsung spaces where you’re welcome to do anything—or nothing.
    “Superficially, the hotel lobby contains the ingredients of a third place—it’s free, it’s temperate, you can stay as long as you want. But its true nature is the polar opposite. The hotel lobby is a transitory place. A useful place. It’s a place where you’re more likely to meet a stranger than a friend.”

    Four Tet on being the world’s unlikeliest superstar DJ
    Kieran Hebden is now playing arenas in a bromance with Fred Again and Skrillex. In a rare interview, he talks authenticity, bootlegging Taylor Swift – and his landmark legal battle with his old label

    How Hollywood heartthrobs and Steven Spielberg helped make a drag queen cult classic
    On the 25th anniversary of “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar,” take a deep dive into the history of this fabulous fable.

    Things To Hear

    Jacques Greene ft. Nosaj Thing — Rinse FM
    Two hours of of back-to-back with Jacques Greene and nosaj thing at an outdoor warehouse space in Los Angeles. Such a good way to get your day going.

    “Push Power ( a 1 )” by Actress
    Avant-garde-influenced “Push Power ( a 1 )” mirrors an intricate game of chess. With each thoughtful move the game grows and develops over time – something we can hear reflected in the textured and delicate layers of the track.

    Transistor Radio by M. Ward
    Put this old M. Ward record on and it’s still as beautiful as I remember. I love how unrefined everything feels, like it was so pure from the heart. I highly recommend listening to “Here Come The Sun Again,” perhaps one of my favorite songs from him.

    Das Nuvens by Fabiano do Nascimento
    Los Angeles-based Fabiano Do Nascimento is a multi-string guitarist and songwriter who melds the traditional idioms of his native Brazil with the more contemporary and experimental strains of jazz, pop, and electronic music. Das Nuvens is a crisp, frequently blissful, and deceptively groove-oriented showcase from a consummate musician — a rich and varied collection of songs, all of which seem to prioritize, and thrive in, the soft and intentional spaces between notes.

  • This week ended up flying by! No idea what happened or who I am, haha… No, honestly, it was a chill week filled with a lot of planning and prepping. I’m headed out to San Sebastián on Sunday, spending a month up there with the fam to escape from Barcelona’s intense humidity. We’re driving up, it’s going to be super fun to road trip through Spain and experience what the other parts look and feel like.

    I’ve also been working on a mixtape that I think I’ll release next week. I wanted to make the ultimate 2023 summer mixtape, and I think I accomplished that. It’s a lot of the big pop songs from all the girlies, with some very me, very danceable tracks mixed in. There’s more projects like this in the works, stay tuned.

    Pee-wee Herman on Interview Magazine

    Things To Read

    How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Nap
    I’ve always been a fan of napping, and during the pandemic it was very routine for me to take a 20 minute nap during the day. I mean, I still nap almost every day. I even encourage my team at work to take naps. We need a break in the day to stop and let our brains rest.

    The A-Z Guide to Maison Margiela
    SSENSE took a deep dive on the world of Maison Margiela, tracing the history, symbolic meaning, and general universe of the storied brand. I learned a ton reading through, like how Margiela invented the Double Strap watch band for Hermés, which you’ve probably seen most famously on the Hermès Apple Watch.

    Wonderstruck: Paul Reubens (1952-2023)
    Marya E. Gates wrote a thoughtful look at Paul Ruebens career, and the impact his character Pee-wee Herman had on so many of us. To this day, it’s a tradition in our household to watch Christmas at Pee Wee’s Playhouse, perhaps the most queerest, most joyful Christmas special that’s ever been made. He will be dearly missed.

    Nothing Doing: kogonada on the space between
    I was recently made aware of a Letterboxd interview with film director kogonada that took place around the time of the release of his last film, After Yang, which I loved. Author Isaac Feldberg does a wonderful job of going deep with kogonada, I highly recommend reading this one with your Sunday morning coffee.

    Things To Hear

    The Loveliest Time by Carly Rae Jepsen
    The new album from Carly Rae, The Loneliest Time, showcases her versatility and explores some different musical styles. It features a mix of pop maximalism, some smooth jams, and an array of campy, ’80s influences. This one is definitely going to be on repeat this summer.

    TV Slang by Huerta
    For a more laidback, headphone listen, try Huerta’s newest record TV Slang. Released on his new label R&R, he describes the album saying that it “explores rhythmic moods and ambient soundscapes: combining traces of deep house, downtempo, and a suggestion of breakbeat flavors.”

    DJ Anz on NTS
    British DJ and producer Anz is never one to miss, and her most recent mix for NTS has been one of my go-to’s lately. It features a nice mix of drum and bass and breakbeat, it gives me such great energy.

    “Fangs” (Avalon Emerson​’​s Re​-​Chip Remix) by Nathan Micay
    I haven’t had a chance to dig into Nathan Micay’s most recent album To The God Named Dream but my ears perked up when I heard there was an Avalon Emerson remix of his track “Fangs.” Six and a half minutes of blissed out techno. He wrote in this Insta post how he met Avalon, it’s a very cute story.

  • Wow, Friday already! This week flew by for me, how was your week? Things were eventful, with the the sad passing of Sinead O’Connor, and aliens maybe exist for real now but and no one cares. Most non-reluctant folks are all saying, “will the aliens solve the housing crisis or dissolve student loans?” Prolly not, sadly. Next week I’m headed off to San Sebastián for a month with the fam and our friend Kate. Very excited to see what the north coast is like (definitely going to be much cooler), make a quick stop into France, visit Bilbao, see some museums, lay on some beaches. I can’t wait.

    Things To Read

    “We Deserve to Have Fun”: The Women Going All Out for Barbie
    Lots of stories around Barbie though this one has been my favorite. Author Tess Garcia shares how we can be both fully aware of the tough shit we’re all going through and how value it is to enjoy your life at the same time.

    The excellent Arc browser is now available for anyone to download
    I switched over to Arc for my desktop browser and I love it. They’ve made so many interesting refinements, quicker ways to organize your browser, and they make lots of incremental quality-of-life updates.

    Why Patrick Bringley Left His Job at the ‘New Yorker’ To Become a Museum Guard
    I love this story because Patrick did what many of us want to do. Quit having “careers” and focus on doing the one thing you love. One day!

    How Long Gone Ep. 518 with Geoff McFetridge
    The HLG boys chat with Geoff McFetridge, dishing about Carlyle room service, raising a horse girl, growing up on Canada’s Oregon Trail, back in the day when computers took all day to export a jpg, cheaper can sometimes be better, making the title sequence for Sofia Coppola’s Virgin Suicides, being a ski bunny, how he uses Instagram now vs. then, when brands stopped hiring artists and started “wanting to collab” with them, and why Greta doing Barbie is a good thing.

    Things To Hear

    Love Hallucination by Jessy Lanza
    Jessy’s album Love Hallucination is described as her “trust fall” as she embraces newfound confidence and personal authenticity after moving from the Bay Area to Los Angeles. The album showcases an evolved sound, with club-ready songs and downbeat, sultry works, exploring the depths of love while highlighting self-assuredness and trusting one’s instincts.

    Headlock by MoMa Ready
    MoMa Ready is not joking this year! This is his third release this year and the man keeps putting out consistently puts out hits. Headlock is no different, in fact, I had it on many times today and kept wanting to hear it on repeat. In his own words: PUTTING THE GAME INA CHOKEHOLD. Music for smoking dj’s and clubs. Use with caution. Not to be missed.

    Blackbox Life Recorder 21f / in a room7 F760 by Aphex Twin
    Getting new music from Aphex Twin is always a treat, and BLR21f (lol) is an energetic and pop-y affair. When I saw him play Sónar I believe he played a couple of these tracks, though it was hard to tell through all the noise.

    rRoxymore — Early Hours (DJ Mix)
    I love love love these Apple Music Early Hours mixes. They’ve had such a beautiful mix of artists, and the most recent release from French-born, Mexico City based rRoxymore is one of my faves. Like it says on the can, this in fact is a perfect get-your-day-going mixtape.

  • I’ve decided that on Fridays, I’m going to recommend some items to read, think long-form pieces, as well as some things to listen to, music that just came out or something I’ve been playing during the week. I like this idea because it gives me a spot to put some of the detritus I’ve been experiencing, bringing together the loose pieces into something more cohesive. Plus, you can revisit these items over the weekend. I hope you enjoy!

    Things To Read

    ANOHNI and Björk Talk Soul Music, Lou Reed, and Climate Collapse
    These two queens get together to chat about ANOHNI’s new album, and their shared concerns about climate collapse. They also talk about their admiration for Lou Reed, their love for soul music, personal loss, and pay tribute to the legacy of activist music.

    Everything I, an Italian, thought I knew about Italian food is wrong
    This fascinating piece from Marianna Giusti talks about how some of Italy’s most famous foods, such as panettone, tiramisu, and Parmesan cheese, have evolved over time and have been influenced by factors such as industrialization, migration, and changing tastes.

    Stop trying to have the perfect vacation. You’re ruining everyone else’s.
    I loved Rebecca Jennings take on how bad American’s are at traveling. There’s this gross desire to have a “perfect vacation” which highlights the entitlement and negative impact of this mindset on others. Instead of worrying about perfection, she advocates for travelers to have a more relaxed and enjoyable approach to vacationing. What a concept 🙄

    Kevin Kelly: Daddy Issues
    Some of you may know Kevin Kelly, he helped to found Wired magazine, as well as the Whole Earth Catalogs, all of which were on the cutting edge of tech and futurism. Yana Sosnovskaya and Aaron Gonsher sat down with Kevin to talk about Web3, DAO, blockchain, as well as his opinion on the big tech companies: “Let’s make it better, but let’s not get rid of it. That’s where I am. I’m interested in improving things rather than destroying things.”

    Things To Hear

    Sui Zhen (live from Naarm) — NTS
    I kept coming back to this mix from Sui Zhen, a Melbourne based producer and artist, who arranged a super mellow compilation including music from Strawberry Switchblade, Saint Etienne, Durutti Column, and many more. Great music to accompany a chill morning or hazy evening.

    The Greater Wings by Julie Byrne
    Julie Bryne’s new album, The Greater Wings, may already be one of the best of the year. A heart-wrenching folk album, it’s filled with breathy vocals and expansive strings which welcome you into their own magical realm. It’s a very special album, one you should totally listen to with headphones.

    Olof Dreijer — Recorded live from Pumping Velvet
    Hessle Audio on Rinse FM were able to get a recording of Olof Dreijer’s set at Pumping Velvet, in support of his new single “Rosa Rugosa”, and it’s a damn good. Maybe it’s just me, but this set is especially good for the girlies and the gays, featuring a lot of house, disco, Robyn, and Beyoncé.

    Kode9 + Burial — Infirmary / Unknown Summer
    The eagerly awaited new split EP from Kode9 and Burial dropped today, and it does not disappoint. Kode9’s track has kind of a drum and bass, jazzy tinge to it, while Burial, as he does, goes on a nearly 10 minute journey through sound. If you know and enjoy Burial, you’re gonna’ love it.