Weekend Detritus

Sooooo Monday is my birthday, I’ll be turning 41. Last year at this time, we had only just arrived in Paris, for a week long stay. Now I’m in San Sebastián, enjoying the cooler weather and intense greenery that surrounds the town. I keep seeing a lot of TikTok’s lately about aging, specifically, how great it feels to be more comfortable as you get older. I would agree with this. Priorities in life seem clearer, worries seem more manageable, the chaos of life a little less scary. I went on a long hike with Kyle and the dogs this morning, I wrote and did some planning, and I have a very fancy dinner planned for tonight. I hope you have an equally lovely weekend.

Weekend Detritus — The Fox Is Black

Things To Read

Le Corbusier’s Little Cabin by the Sea
In 1951, on a corner table at Thomas Rebuttato’s Côte d’Azur restaurant, l’Étoile de Mer, Le Corbusier drew up the plans for a holiday home. A place where two people could sleep, wash, take shelter from the heat or the rain, read, write or draw, all whilst enjoying the magnificent views.

Are.na Is Where We Go to Find Ourselves Online
Why co-founder Charles Broskoski will never let AI, ads, or algorithms take away from “the thing” that Are.na does.

the internet is wonky again
Despite the common narrative that Instagram is dead, your TikTok feed is getting boring, and every other cis white guy is starting a newsletter and a podcast, the ruins of social media as we know it might be the start of some of the most exciting times to be online.

‘It Was Like Pastel Bauhaus’: How Paul Reubens’s Collaborators Brought the Spirit of Downtown Art to ‘Pee-wee’s Playhouse’
Two of his collaborators, artists Gary Panter and Wayne White, talk about the creative whirlwind of his zeitgeist-defining kids show.

An ode to hotel lobbies, the unsung spaces where you’re welcome to do anything—or nothing.
“Superficially, the hotel lobby contains the ingredients of a third place—it’s free, it’s temperate, you can stay as long as you want. But its true nature is the polar opposite. The hotel lobby is a transitory place. A useful place. It’s a place where you’re more likely to meet a stranger than a friend.”

Four Tet on being the world’s unlikeliest superstar DJ
Kieran Hebden is now playing arenas in a bromance with Fred Again and Skrillex. In a rare interview, he talks authenticity, bootlegging Taylor Swift – and his landmark legal battle with his old label

How Hollywood heartthrobs and Steven Spielberg helped make a drag queen cult classic
On the 25th anniversary of “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar,” take a deep dive into the history of this fabulous fable.

Things To Hear

Jacques Greene ft. Nosaj Thing — Rinse FM
Two hours of of back-to-back with Jacques Greene and nosaj thing at an outdoor warehouse space in Los Angeles. Such a good way to get your day going.

“Push Power ( a 1 )” by Actress
Avant-garde-influenced “Push Power ( a 1 )” mirrors an intricate game of chess. With each thoughtful move the game grows and develops over time – something we can hear reflected in the textured and delicate layers of the track.

Transistor Radio by M. Ward
Put this old M. Ward record on and it’s still as beautiful as I remember. I love how unrefined everything feels, like it was so pure from the heart. I highly recommend listening to “Here Come The Sun Again,” perhaps one of my favorite songs from him.

Das Nuvens by Fabiano do Nascimento
Los Angeles-based Fabiano Do Nascimento is a multi-string guitarist and songwriter who melds the traditional idioms of his native Brazil with the more contemporary and experimental strains of jazz, pop, and electronic music. Das Nuvens is a crisp, frequently blissful, and deceptively groove-oriented showcase from a consummate musician — a rich and varied collection of songs, all of which seem to prioritize, and thrive in, the soft and intentional spaces between notes.