Weekend Detritus

This week ended up flying by! No idea what happened or who I am, haha… No, honestly, it was a chill week filled with a lot of planning and prepping. I’m headed out to San Sebastián on Sunday, spending a month up there with the fam to escape from Barcelona’s intense humidity. We’re driving up, it’s going to be super fun to road trip through Spain and experience what the other parts look and feel like.

I’ve also been working on a mixtape that I think I’ll release next week. I wanted to make the ultimate 2023 summer mixtape, and I think I accomplished that. It’s a lot of the big pop songs from all the girlies, with some very me, very danceable tracks mixed in. There’s more projects like this in the works, stay tuned.

Pee-wee Herman on Interview Magazine

Things To Read

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Nap
I’ve always been a fan of napping, and during the pandemic it was very routine for me to take a 20 minute nap during the day. I mean, I still nap almost every day. I even encourage my team at work to take naps. We need a break in the day to stop and let our brains rest.

The A-Z Guide to Maison Margiela
SSENSE took a deep dive on the world of Maison Margiela, tracing the history, symbolic meaning, and general universe of the storied brand. I learned a ton reading through, like how Margiela invented the Double Strap watch band for Hermés, which you’ve probably seen most famously on the Hermès Apple Watch.

Wonderstruck: Paul Reubens (1952-2023)
Marya E. Gates wrote a thoughtful look at Paul Ruebens career, and the impact his character Pee-wee Herman had on so many of us. To this day, it’s a tradition in our household to watch Christmas at Pee Wee’s Playhouse, perhaps the most queerest, most joyful Christmas special that’s ever been made. He will be dearly missed.

Nothing Doing: kogonada on the space between
I was recently made aware of a Letterboxd interview with film director kogonada that took place around the time of the release of his last film, After Yang, which I loved. Author Isaac Feldberg does a wonderful job of going deep with kogonada, I highly recommend reading this one with your Sunday morning coffee.

Things To Hear

The Loveliest Time by Carly Rae Jepsen
The new album from Carly Rae, The Loneliest Time, showcases her versatility and explores some different musical styles. It features a mix of pop maximalism, some smooth jams, and an array of campy, ’80s influences. This one is definitely going to be on repeat this summer.

TV Slang by Huerta
For a more laidback, headphone listen, try Huerta’s newest record TV Slang. Released on his new label R&R, he describes the album saying that it “explores rhythmic moods and ambient soundscapes: combining traces of deep house, downtempo, and a suggestion of breakbeat flavors.”

DJ Anz on NTS
British DJ and producer Anz is never one to miss, and her most recent mix for NTS has been one of my go-to’s lately. It features a nice mix of drum and bass and breakbeat, it gives me such great energy.

“Fangs” (Avalon Emerson​’​s Re​-​Chip Remix) by Nathan Micay
I haven’t had a chance to dig into Nathan Micay’s most recent album To The God Named Dream but my ears perked up when I heard there was an Avalon Emerson remix of his track “Fangs.” Six and a half minutes of blissed out techno. He wrote in this Insta post how he met Avalon, it’s a very cute story.