Friday Detritus

I’ve decided that on Fridays, I’m going to recommend some items to read, think long-form pieces, as well as some things to listen to, music that just came out or something I’ve been playing during the week. I like this idea because it gives me a spot to put some of the detritus I’ve been experiencing, bringing together the loose pieces into something more cohesive. Plus, you can revisit these items over the weekend. I hope you enjoy!

Things To Read

ANOHNI and Björk Talk Soul Music, Lou Reed, and Climate Collapse
These two queens get together to chat about ANOHNI’s new album, and their shared concerns about climate collapse. They also talk about their admiration for Lou Reed, their love for soul music, personal loss, and pay tribute to the legacy of activist music.

Everything I, an Italian, thought I knew about Italian food is wrong
This fascinating piece from Marianna Giusti talks about how some of Italy’s most famous foods, such as panettone, tiramisu, and Parmesan cheese, have evolved over time and have been influenced by factors such as industrialization, migration, and changing tastes.

Stop trying to have the perfect vacation. You’re ruining everyone else’s.
I loved Rebecca Jennings take on how bad American’s are at traveling. There’s this gross desire to have a “perfect vacation” which highlights the entitlement and negative impact of this mindset on others. Instead of worrying about perfection, she advocates for travelers to have a more relaxed and enjoyable approach to vacationing. What a concept 🙄

Kevin Kelly: Daddy Issues
Some of you may know Kevin Kelly, he helped to found Wired magazine, as well as the Whole Earth Catalogs, all of which were on the cutting edge of tech and futurism. Yana Sosnovskaya and Aaron Gonsher sat down with Kevin to talk about Web3, DAO, blockchain, as well as his opinion on the big tech companies: “Let’s make it better, but let’s not get rid of it. That’s where I am. I’m interested in improving things rather than destroying things.”

Things To Hear

Sui Zhen (live from Naarm) — NTS
I kept coming back to this mix from Sui Zhen, a Melbourne based producer and artist, who arranged a super mellow compilation including music from Strawberry Switchblade, Saint Etienne, Durutti Column, and many more. Great music to accompany a chill morning or hazy evening.

The Greater Wings by Julie Byrne
Julie Bryne’s new album, The Greater Wings, may already be one of the best of the year. A heart-wrenching folk album, it’s filled with breathy vocals and expansive strings which welcome you into their own magical realm. It’s a very special album, one you should totally listen to with headphones.

Olof Dreijer — Recorded live from Pumping Velvet
Hessle Audio on Rinse FM were able to get a recording of Olof Dreijer’s set at Pumping Velvet, in support of his new single “Rosa Rugosa”, and it’s a damn good. Maybe it’s just me, but this set is especially good for the girlies and the gays, featuring a lot of house, disco, Robyn, and Beyoncé.

Kode9 + Burial — Infirmary / Unknown Summer
The eagerly awaited new split EP from Kode9 and Burial dropped today, and it does not disappoint. Kode9’s track has kind of a drum and bass, jazzy tinge to it, while Burial, as he does, goes on a nearly 10 minute journey through sound. If you know and enjoy Burial, you’re gonna’ love it.