Friday Detritus

Wow, Friday already! This week flew by for me, how was your week? Things were eventful, with the the sad passing of Sinead O’Connor, and aliens maybe exist for real now but and no one cares. Most non-reluctant folks are all saying, “will the aliens solve the housing crisis or dissolve student loans?” Prolly not, sadly. Next week I’m headed off to San Sebastián for a month with the fam and our friend Kate. Very excited to see what the north coast is like (definitely going to be much cooler), make a quick stop into France, visit Bilbao, see some museums, lay on some beaches. I can’t wait.

Things To Read

“We Deserve to Have Fun”: The Women Going All Out for Barbie
Lots of stories around Barbie though this one has been my favorite. Author Tess Garcia shares how we can be both fully aware of the tough shit we’re all going through and how value it is to enjoy your life at the same time.

The excellent Arc browser is now available for anyone to download
I switched over to Arc for my desktop browser and I love it. They’ve made so many interesting refinements, quicker ways to organize your browser, and they make lots of incremental quality-of-life updates.

Why Patrick Bringley Left His Job at the ‘New Yorker’ To Become a Museum Guard
I love this story because Patrick did what many of us want to do. Quit having “careers” and focus on doing the one thing you love. One day!

How Long Gone Ep. 518 with Geoff McFetridge
The HLG boys chat with Geoff McFetridge, dishing about Carlyle room service, raising a horse girl, growing up on Canada’s Oregon Trail, back in the day when computers took all day to export a jpg, cheaper can sometimes be better, making the title sequence for Sofia Coppola’s Virgin Suicides, being a ski bunny, how he uses Instagram now vs. then, when brands stopped hiring artists and started “wanting to collab” with them, and why Greta doing Barbie is a good thing.

Things To Hear

Love Hallucination by Jessy Lanza
Jessy’s album Love Hallucination is described as her “trust fall” as she embraces newfound confidence and personal authenticity after moving from the Bay Area to Los Angeles. The album showcases an evolved sound, with club-ready songs and downbeat, sultry works, exploring the depths of love while highlighting self-assuredness and trusting one’s instincts.

Headlock by MoMa Ready
MoMa Ready is not joking this year! This is his third release this year and the man keeps putting out consistently puts out hits. Headlock is no different, in fact, I had it on many times today and kept wanting to hear it on repeat. In his own words: PUTTING THE GAME INA CHOKEHOLD. Music for smoking dj’s and clubs. Use with caution. Not to be missed.

Blackbox Life Recorder 21f / in a room7 F760 by Aphex Twin
Getting new music from Aphex Twin is always a treat, and BLR21f (lol) is an energetic and pop-y affair. When I saw him play Sónar I believe he played a couple of these tracks, though it was hard to tell through all the noise.

rRoxymore — Early Hours (DJ Mix)
I love love love these Apple Music Early Hours mixes. They’ve had such a beautiful mix of artists, and the most recent release from French-born, Mexico City based rRoxymore is one of my faves. Like it says on the can, this in fact is a perfect get-your-day-going mixtape.