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  • I dunno, there’s something so satisfying about a fresh made baked good in the morning. I’m not preferential to any, to be honest, give me buttery, sugary, warm dough and I’m happy. Recently I’ve been seeing a recipe for Ritz-Carlton’s Blueberry Muffins, which was shared to The Times by way of Marian Burros in a 1985. I love that the recipe is super straightforward, and prep is simple, and results seem to be delicious. However, The Times also made a video comparing the Ritz’s recipe with that of Jordan Marsh’s recipe to see which they preferred. The big difference between each recipe is ultimately the amount of sugar added, so it depends on your sweet tooth.

    Blueberry Muffins
  • I’ve been seeing this trend lately which goes against the serious, mixologist puritanism we’ve endured for quite a time now. What I keep seeing is, “let’s drink silly cocktails this summer,” which I’m totally on board for. There’s enough crazy shit going on the world, let’s stop fussing over our drinks and enjoy ourselves. We’re talking piña coladas, mojitos, sex on the beaches!

    Ice Cream for Astronauts, a drink by Two Schmucks

    This piece by Ed Cumming titled Five Cocktails to Help Beat the Heat is a perfect example (ok, some of these are kinda mixologist-y 🙄) featuring drinks from bartenders around the world. The one I’m excited to try is the Ice Cream for Astronauts, which is made here in Barcelona at Two Schmucks:

    “This drink started off as a gin basil smash meets a gin and tonic, but as summer arrived in Barcelona and it got hotter, we found ourselves needing to add ice cream to everything. The coconut complements the vegetal flavor of the basil, and it works great with tonic as a highball. The result is a fresh, ice-cold fizzy drink for summer.

  • The folks at A24 are always releasing the coolest stuff. One of their newest ideas is Scrounging: A Cookbook, which takes the foods from 54 films and turns them into recipes you can make at home. Included are The Breakfast Club‘s Pixy Stix sandwich, The Apartment‘s tennis racket spaghetti, The Martian‘s baked potato with Vicodin, Home Alone‘s 12-scoop ice cream sundae, Kramer vs. Kramer‘s divorced dad french toast, and many more.

    There’s also a foreword from Matty Matheson, a man who knows a few things about cooking amazing meals, and the photos in the cookbook are from the ever-amazing duo of Wade & Leta, which turned out so great.

  • I talk a lot about starting my own café one day. I know it’s a logical step for me, and my interests, combining my loves of design, food, and people under one roof. For now though, I’ll continue to find inspiration in places like Bambino, a place for great food, good drinks, and fun music. Located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, founder Fabien Lombardi has combined his passions for the traditional Japanese jazz kissa with his travels through Tel Aviv. It features a large collection of records and a great sound system, a beautiful concrete bar, and small cafe tables for intimate gatherings.

    The kitchen is helmed by Kenta Tomoda, who’s serving up delicious looking katsu sandwiches, and a recent creation, the pigeon frit (third photo) served with tomato, harissa, and radicchio. The fact that he left the claw on is such a great detail, in my opinion. This space looks like it’s been around forever, though only opening about three-ish years ago. Bambino will be high on my list of places to visit the next time I’m in Paris.

    Bambino Bar — Paris, 11th arrondissement
    Bambino Bar — Paris, 11th arrondissement
    Pigeon Frit — Bambino Bar — Paris, 11th arrondissement
    Bambino Bar — Paris, 11th arrondissement
  • Eggs, I suppose, can be divisive. There are many factors involved, such as your palette and the way the eggs are prepared, that can influence whether or not you love ’em or hate ’em. I am a big fan of eggs, and I’m a big fan of Bell’s, a small French restaurant in the quaint town of Los Alamos. It’s honestly one of my top 5 favorite places to eat in the world, as it’s charming, the staff is thoughtful, and the food is delectable.

    When I saw that Bell’s chef Daisy Ryan had shared her recipe for Egg Salad Sandwiches with the Wall Street Journal, I was instantly curious. As with most things, simplicity rules, though her recipe has an interesting twist: a homemade tomato jam. I’m sure it brings a kick of umami that adds even more depth to the dish, and honestly, I can’t wait to try this for myself.

  • My TikTok lately has been nothing but people visiting Folderol, an ice cream parlor that’s been combined with a wine bar. Couple Jess Yang and Robert Compagnon opened the spot back in December 2020, and they serve a fantastic array of flavors like spicy watermelon, rhubarb sugar tart, sesame brownie, hibiscus nectarine, fig shortcake, and many more. And if you’re not craving something cold, then snag a glass of wine, drink on the street, and make some new friends.

    Folderol Ice Cream and Wine