Powerful floral portraits by Ayumi Takahashi

Ayumi Takahashi

I’m a sucker for bright colors, plants, and strong women, which means Ayumi Takahashi’s work is right up my alley. She’s a well-travelled artist, being born in China, raised in Japan, moving to California to study at Art Center and then London at Central Saint Martin. She’s currently settled in New York, drawing, painting, and designing for clients like The New York Times, Paramount Pictures, Coca Cola China, and more.

What I love about her work specifically is the boldness and the cleanliness. I was totally sure that the images you see here were all digital. I was totally wrong, as they’re all done in acrylic, with all the edges finished so perfectly. Her color palette is extremely lovely as well, she does a great job of contrasting colors to give emphasis, it’s extremely well done.

If you dig her work you should check out her online shop. She has 16″ x 20″ prints available as well as smaller (and affordable) originals, one of which I happened to buy. Support artists you love!

Ayumi Takahashi

Ayumi Takahashi

Ayumi Takahashi

Ayumi Takahashi

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Time To Inspire

Rodrigo Tello

Today is a difficult day for me, and I believe a lot of people feel the same way. It’s hard to imagine what the next four years are going to look like. I’ll admit, it’s a bit daunting. Last night, while I was on the exercise bike, watching that horrid countdown to inauguration, all I could think of was, “What can I do to help?”

I landed on reinvesting in this site, taking up writing again (I’m still a horrible writer, FYI), and getting back to what I started. Sharing beautiful ideas, inspiring projects, writing about the new… that’s what I can do. With all the bad that’s going on in the world hopefully I can bring some positivity, and shine a light on the people who are doing amazing work.

To help kick things off, I’d love help from those of you out there who still read the site to contribute. If you think someone/yourself is doing amazing work, email me and let me know: thefoxisblack@gmail.com

Animated Gif by Rodrigo Tello

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How to have the most #000000 Christmas

How to have the most #000000 Christmas

#000000. Most designers are familiar with this hexadecimal code and understand it represents the color black. Black is timeless, it’s chic, it’s mysterious. A color that, when worn, works for any occasion, pairs well with any other color (yes, even blue, don’t believe the myth), and gives anyone wearing it a sleek, sophisticated look. Black products tend to look futuristic (Apple is particularly good at this) as well as seeming to be more precious and luxurious.

No matter the application, black will never go out of style. Please enjoy this list of products that explores the range and versatility of #000000.

Fellow Stagg Pour Over Kettle

Calling The Kettle #000000

Stagg Pour Over Kettle by Fellow – $79

Claire Vivier -  Asphalt Flat Clutch

For The #000000 Eyed Girl

Asphalt/Black Flat Clutch by Clare V. – $215

Blu Dot Toro Modern Lounge Chair

The #000000 Throne

Toro Modern Lounge Chair by Blu Dot – $1299

Études Etoile Black Accent Sweatshirt

The #000000 Letter

Etoile Accent Sweatshirt by Études – $138

Garrett Leight Milwood Sunglasses

Framed in #000000-ness

Milwood Sunglasses by Garrett Leight Optical Company – $315

Ghostly International Coffee Mug & Canister

I Drink My Coffee #000000

Canister and Mug Bundle by Ghostly International – $70

Goodbye Doormat by Parra

#000000 Omen

Goodbye Doormat by Parra – $54

Makr Black Speckletone Notebook

Little #000000 Book

Speckletone Notebook by Makr – $28

Karl-Johan Table Lamp by New Works & Signe Hytte

Turn On The #000000 Light

Karl-Johan Table Lamp by New Works & Signe Hytte – $265

Shinola & Zippo Matte Black Lighter

For The Man in #000000

Zippo Lighter by Shinola – $50

B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

A Sound Most #000000

A2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker by Bang & Olufson – $399

ADIDAS Tubular Viral W sneakers

A Walk in the #000000 Forest

Tubular Viral W Sneaker by ADIDAS – $103

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Johanna Goodman pieces together fantastic, high fashion collages

Johanna Goodman - Catalouge of Imaginary Beings

Flowing gowns made of pink smoke. Haute couture hobbled together with blocks of wood. This is the idealized world Johanna Goodman is creating in her series The Catalouge of Imaginary Beings. Johanna describes the series as way to “explore a range of themes in popular culture – the role of the individual in fashion, history, the artistic imagination and the collective consciousness. The body of work draws its inspiration from Magical Realism, Surrealism and Symbolism and references such cultural artifacts as talismans, idols, and totems.”

The abstract nature of these feel playful and fun. Arms and legs jut out of tree stumps and the bits of background elements help to give each piece a bit of grounding, a sense of a world one could explore.

Johanna Goodman - Catalouge of Imaginary Beings

Johanna Goodman - Catalouge of Imaginary Beings

Johanna Goodman - Catalouge of Imaginary Beings

Johanna Goodman - Catalouge of Imaginary Beings

Johanna Goodman - Catalouge of Imaginary Beings

Johanna Goodman - Catalouge of Imaginary Beings

To see more from the series, visit here.

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Mark Pritchard’s “Beautiful People” featuring Thom Yorke

Mark Pritchard - Beautiful People music video

Since 1991, Mark Pritchard has been making genre-spanning electronic music that ventures from House, to Ambient, to Drum and Bass. His most recent effort Under The Sun was aptly described by Pitchfork as “deeply atmospheric and richly impressionistic, Under the Sun is an easy album to disappear into.” The album feels like science fiction journey with moments of wonder and mystery.

The music video for “Beautiful People” is a perfect manifestation of this feeling. The song features TFIB favorite Thom Yorke, both vocally and as a transcendent robotic spirit wandering a seemingly deflate landscape. Director Michal Marczak has truly encapsulated the feeling of the album into six minutes of visual narrative.

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Get ready for 2017 with these minimally designed calendars

2017 Minimal Design Calendars - The Fox Is Black

2017 is nearly upon us (honestly, it can’t come soon enough) and now it’s time to start thinking of the year ahead. Planning is essential to your business and a trusty calendar hanging on the wall (or sitting on your desk) ensures your projects are organized and completed on time. Business aside, it’s critical to have that persistent reminder that your anniversary is just around the corner and worse, you still need to buy your mother a birthday present.

The 2017 calendars below are minimal in a way that won’t distract from your important work yet will serve to dress up your space with a bit of style. You’ll agree, these calendars are all you’ll need.

Best Made Co. Japanese 2017 Daily Calendar

For The Japanophile Minimalist

Japanese Daily Calendar by Best Made Company – $38

Knoed Minimalist 2017 Wall Calendar

For The Minimal Design Goth

Minimalist Wall Calendar by Knoed – $30

Octagon Design Timeless 2017 Block Calendar

For The Daily OCD Minimalist

Timeless Block Calendar by Octagon – $37.65

Muji Bagasse Paper 2017 Calendar

For The Eco & Budget Conscious Minimalist

Bagasse Paper Calendar by MUJI – $8

Snug Studio Toyblocks 2017 Calendar

For The Abstract Minimalist

Toyblocks Wall Calendar by Snug Studio – $21

Stendig 2017 Calendar - Designed by Massimo Vignelli

For The Traditional Minimalist

Stendig Calendar by Massimo Vignelli – $49

Sunlight 2017 Calendar

For The Colorful Minimalist

Sunlight Calendar by All The Way To Paris – $52

Cubes Perpetual Calendar

For The Cubist Minimalist

Cubes Perpetual Calendar by MoMA

Bubble Wrap 2017 Calendar

For The Stressed Minimalist

Bubble Wrap Calendar – $27

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Funky, graphic illustrations by Sara Andreasson

Really feeling these pieces by Sara Andreasson, an illustrator and designer who’s based in Gothenburg, Sweden. There’s such a playful and graphic element to her work that’s so appealing, but what really sets it off is her color palette. There’s a slight Parma vibe to it all but her combos of dusty pinks and drab olives is truly stunning.

Sara Andreasson

Sara Andreasson

Sara Andreasson

Sara Andreasson

Sara Andreasson

December 6, 2016 / By