Mount Kimbie and King Krule Reunite for New Track, “Boxing”

The Mount Kimbie guys, Kai Campos and Dom Maker, are always doing interesting work, and post-lockdown, it seems like they’ve been really on a roll. Their classic album, Cold Spring Fault Less Youth, was released a decade ago now, and featured an iconic pairing with then 21 year old Archie Marshall, aka King Krule. The two tracks he guested on were two of my personal favorites, raw with emotion and unparalleled in sound.

Now, the guys have reunited on a new track titled “Boxing” which sees their explorations in sound continue to develop and grow. It feels a bit more like the King Krule universe, ending in a field of sound that’s more akin to Mount Kimbie. The track is only on sale through Bandcamp until this Thursday, 21 September, so grab it while you can.

Mount Kimbie & King Krule - "Boxing"