Geoff McFetridge talks with Monster Children

Geoff McFetridge

If you’ve followed the site for a while you’ll know my favorite artist/designer is Geoff McFetridge. He’s been an inspiration to me since the early 2000’s and his style and aesthetic has certainly influenced my own. Monster Children sat down with McFetridge to speak about his past (working with Girl Skateboards, Grand Royal magazine, and XLarge) his process (which is extremely process driven and a bit OCD) and the themes that continue to show up in his work over and over.

After watching this all I want to do is draw and paint.

Matthew Dear – “Elementary Lover” (DJ Koze Remix)

Matthew Dear

Apple Music so far seems to run hot and cold for me. Some days it’s spot on, some days it wants to me to listen to “Deep Cuts: The Decembrists”… yeah, no thanks. My luck seemed to change earlier today when they offered a great collection of DJ Koze remixes, one of them being “Elementary Lover” by Matthew Dear. It’s a perfect combination of Koze’s electronic beats and Dear’s iconic vocals, and a great track for some late night listening.

Atelier 37.2 inhabited sculpture frames the view as art

Atelier 37.2 inhabited sculpture frames the view as art

There’s something beautifully poetic about New Horizon, the sculpture created by Atelier 37.2 for the recent Sculpture by the Sea Festival. As you walk into the simple plywood structure your perspective is immediately forced to take in the view outside though two windows, which frame the view lovely view of the sea and sky outside.

Atelier 37.2 inhabited sculpture frames the view as art

I like that the viewer is forced to enjoy these small vignettes of the world, the structure itself guiding your eyes thanks to the frenetic mix of wooden beams. With all the distractions that face us during our days I enjoy the idea of focusing on such marvelous views. We could all probably use a little bit more of this.

The most incredible 1 minute of food porn

The most incredible 1 minute of food porn

Terms like “food porn” may have passed their heyday, perhaps “_______ porn” is a pass√© phrase anyhow, but it felt apropos for this short spot for Marks & Spencers by foodfilm. The piece employs time-lapse to great effect, showcasing the process of a meal, lots of macro close-ups so you truly connect to the food, plus high-contrast lighting which makes the food look fresh and delicious. Tying the whole video together are the hyper-cuts utilized which both unifies and invigorates the work, giving it a frenetic energy that you can’t turn away from.

If you enjoyed this be sure to check out the rest of food film’s work on Vimeo.

Solitaere is the perfect app for fans of simplicity

Solitaere is the perfect card game for fans of simplicity

A couple years ago Kiernan Flanigan released a minimal app version of the card game Hearts that I was a big fan of. I hadn’t played the game in years but I was immediately sucked into the app, playing it while I was bored in line or waiting for meetings.

Cut to now and Flanigan is now back with a similar approach, a simplified version of solitaire called Solitaere (I don’t know why it’s spelled incorrectly). This version takes advantage of the verticality of the phone, displaying your stack of cards in a device appropriate manner, though quite different from the traditional manner. If this new way is simply too much, you can unlock your orientation and turn your device to the side, giving you something close to the old fashioned way.

My only complaint is that you’re only allowed to play it with a three card draw, rather than 1 card at a time, which is much easier, thus more fun. That said it’s still nice to see an old game get a bit of life brought back into it.

You can download Soliteare for $1.99 on the App Store.

Daniel Arsham’s art warps and deconstructs the world

Daniel Arsham

I’ve been a frequent supporter of New York based design firm Snarkitecture for a while, truly enjoying their minimal yet clever ideas. Yet somehow I was totally unaware that artist Daniel Arsham makes up half of the design duo, a man well renowned for his incredible sculptures and paintings. Now knowing this there’s a clear through line between the works of his studio and his own output with his sensibilities shining through in both worlds.

Below you can see a few of his works that I truly enjoyed, though to be honest they’re all quite stunning. His three dimensional pieces in particular are great because they’re done to a human scale, increasing the impact of the expression. has an enjoyable video interview with him if you’re curious to learn more.

Daniel Arsham

Daniel Arsham

Daniel Arsham

C418’s music for Minecraft now available on vinyl

C418 - Minecraft Volume Alpha

I’ve never personally played Minecraft before but I can certainly appreciate it’s universal appeal. Who doesn’t want to create their own world? The one aspect that I had never really considered though was the music. Daniel Rosenfeld, who goes by the name C418, created music for Minecraft which has been lauded for defying the visual look of the game, being so much more than expected. To this end, record and lifestyle company Ghostly is bringing this beautiful soundtrack to vinyl and CD.

As any cursory listen of the touching sounds will reveal, this isn’t a record meant solely for lifelong gamers and MineCon diehards; anyone in love with ambient, neo-classical, or minimal music needs to hear Volume Alpha.

When I read the quote above on the Ghostly product page I didn’t quite believe it, but I decided to listen to the 4 song sampler which I’ve placed below. All I can say is that I’d listen to this on repeat all the time. If I hadn’t known that these songs were created for a “kids video game” I would guess they were a score for a Miyazaki film, or something of the sort. You have to give this a try, I swear you won’t regret it.

You can snag a record, CD, or digital version by clicking here.

Luxuriously detailed photographs by Lorenzo Pennati

Lorenzo Pennati Photo

Milanese photographer Lorenzo Pennati caught my eye as I was browsing the other day with his uniquely detailed style. I would describe what he captures as extremely posh, upscale lifestyle situations, which defy reality entirely thanks to some fantastic stylists. That’s the entire fun of his work though! There’s so much going in the frame, a multitude of patterns and objects that your eyes dance across his imagery.

The images here are from a “Gardening Style” spread for Marie Claire Maison Italy that I particularly liked. The muted palette of sea greens and blues paired with cremes are an absolute joy. I would love to live in a plant filled loft like this.

Lorenzo Pennati Photo

Lorenzo Pennati Photo