The Fox is Black

  • Through my random searches I came across the work of director and cinematographer Joshua Charrow, who was the DP on a New York Times piece on canapés. Like I said, random. In looking into his work, I found this unbelievable touching mini-documentary on Treb Heining, who for the last 30 years has been the man behind all the confetti in Times Square on New Years Eve. Treb has had such an interesting life, and the story itself is so charming, and of course, impeccably shot.

  • A collaborative project between design studio FISK and Brown Printing, JOON Magazine was created show their love of Portland, and to show all the exciting things happening in the city’s art scene with as many people as possible. The most recent issue is dedicated to a special edition catalog featuring Kurisu LLC, a world-renowned landscape and design-build firm, and which they describe as “rooted in a simple yet impactful vision to create restorative experiences where natural places give way to individual and collective wellbeing.”

    In addition to the magazine, they’ve put together this beautiful documentary which gives a look into the meaning and process behind the work. I follow Japanese Garden TV on YouTube, who I’ve written about in past newsletters, so this is very much alley. I do my best to tend to my little plants around my apartment, this is totally the next level.

    JOON Magazine - Kurisu - FISK
  • Design comes in many forms. I think one unexpected way of designing comes in the form of landscape design, a field that seems to have really bloomed over the last 20 years. In the documentary below, Piet Oudolf describes what he does best within the first 5 minutes, saying, “This is what you’d like to see in the wild.”

    Piet Oudolf — Landscape Designer

    He is well-known around the world for his work, such as projects like The High Line in New York, the gardens at Hauser & Wirth Somerset, or the Vitra campus in Weil am Rhein. Instead of creating traditional, structured gardens, he focuses on making literally wild organizations of plants which create an idealized atmosphere for people to enjoy. It’s like the ultimate user-experience design, as you can’t really control the outcome, and that inherently is part of the beauty. I love this documentary as it speaks to the rich depth of design, and I think it’s incredibly important to find inspiration from fields that are so different from my own.

    “In this captivating five-season documentary, we delve into the world of Piet Oudolf, a renowned Dutch garden designer known for his breathtaking naturalistic landscapes. From his iconic works like the High Line in New York City to his private garden in the Netherlands, we witness the creation of stunning gardens that evolve with the changing seasons. Join us on this visual journey through the eyes of Piet Oudolf, as we explore his unique design philosophy and see how his gardens come to life. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or simply appreciate the beauty of nature, this documentary is a must-watch for anyone looking to be inspired by the natural world.”