Watch Kurisu ‘The Art of Pruning’ from JOON Magazine and FISK

A collaborative project between design studio FISK and Brown Printing, JOON Magazine was created show their love of Portland, and to show all the exciting things happening in the city’s art scene with as many people as possible. The most recent issue is dedicated to a special edition catalog featuring Kurisu LLC, a world-renowned landscape and design-build firm, and which they describe as “rooted in a simple yet impactful vision to create restorative experiences where natural places give way to individual and collective wellbeing.”

In addition to the magazine, they’ve put together this beautiful documentary which gives a look into the meaning and process behind the work. I follow Japanese Garden TV on YouTube, who I’ve written about in past newsletters, so this is very much alley. I do my best to tend to my little plants around my apartment, this is totally the next level.

JOON Magazine - Kurisu - FISK