Yu Su’s ‘I Want an Earth’ Blends Ambient and Experimental Music

Yu Su is one of those artists I try to keep up with, her style of music taking inspiration from a variety of sources, including her classical piano training, her experiences with modern Western music, and the natural world around her. Born in Kaifeng, China, she moved to Vancouver and started producing music in 2014, a unique blend of “forth world” ambience and left-field dance music.

Her most recent EP I Want an Earth was inspired by her time in the natural landscape of Ojai, a beautiful little town 1.5 hours outside of Los Angeles. She states in an interview with Mixmag Asia that “the reflections of light, wood burning in the fireplace, and materials that “rhymed with the sounds in the room” gave rise to the enchantingly organic demeanor of her release.” I was walking around San Sebastián earlier today listening to this record and it was a perfect compliment. I can definitely recommend this as a great soundtrack for dog walking or on the way to grab a coffee.

'I Want an Earth' by Yu Su