Type Tuesday — Instrument Serif, Alfredino Semimono, Britney, and Baste

It has been about a month since I last shared some typefaces that caught my eye. There’s so many great typefaces these days, with lots of folks bringing new takes on classics, and in other cases, really going out there and doing some very interesting work. Today’s Typeface Tuesday is an eclectic mix, hopefully you’ll find something interesting for your next project.

Instrument Serif & Sans →

The folks over at Instrument, who in my opinion do some of the best work in the design industry, recently underwent a really immense, beautiful brand redesign. Along with the redesign, they created a couple of bespoke typefaces, Instrument Serif and Sans, both of which are now available on Google Fonts. These are great to download or use in your Slides presentations.

Instrument Serif Typeface
Instrument Serif and Sans Typefaces Example

Alfredino Semimono →

A little but vintage, a little bit edgy, Alfredino Semimono by Supernulla Creative Foundry comes in three different flavors. The Semimono style is characterized by essential cleanliness and strong visual impact, while the Semirounded style is distinguished by its strong contrasts between defined edges and beveled seams, giving the letters an interesting and dynamic look. The Tuttocurvy style, on the other hand, is playful and informal, with rounded, flowing shapes, making it perfect for projects involving interactions with illustration.

Alfredo Semimono Typeface
Alfredo Semimono Typeface

Britney →

Wow. Described as a “super-mega-experimental-display-variable typeface” (very accurate) that are based on drawings and analogue animations made for the 36 Days of Type. The result is a typeface that is challenging, playful, and ultimately, an extremely dynamic experiment.

Britney Typeface by Range Left

Baste →

The folks over at Lift Type have released one of my favorite typefaces of the year, Baste, inspired by the south of France. “Through its A and B versions, Baste explores the vernacular aesthetic and alternates between the softness of the seaside and the radicalness of an arid downtown.” I love the

Baste Typefaces by Lift Type
Baste Typefaces by Lift Type
Baste Typefaces by Lift Type