The Fox Is Black’s Top Tracks of 2023, A Mixtape

The Fox Is Black's Top Tracks of 2023, A Mixtape

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Honestly, 2023 was a fantastic year for music, a shockingly beautiful year that constantly surprised me. And I listen to music nonstop. It’s usually Apple Music, sometimes mixes on Soundcloud, or I tune into NTS when I’m feeling indecisive, and TikTok has been a valuable source for discovering new artists as well. Apple sent my end of year wrap report thingy, and on Music alone, I listened to 80,272 hours of music. That’s basically 56 days straight, which is so wild.

So, I’ve compiled a mixtape containing some of my favorite tracks of the year, those songs that really stuck in my head, that I hum while I’m walking around the city. It was challenging narrowing this down but in the end I really love this mix, I feel like it’s one of the best I’ve made in a long time. There’s a really eclectic range to the tracks selected, I went all over the place for this one, which I think helps create a kind of musical journey. It’s a really joyful collection of songs, I think you’re really going to like it. By now I’ve listened to this mix a couple dozen times and I’m still not sick of it.

YellowStraps — Slowdown (girl what’s up)
Miksu / Macloud — Nachts wach
Alice et moi — J’aime pas sortir
Alex Sloane — Mine
Barry Can’t Swim — Deadbeat Gospel
Sampha — Dancing Circles
Sofia Kourtesis — Habla Con Ella
Troye Sivan — In My Room
Jungle — Back on 74
Natural Wonder Beauty Concept — Natural Wonder Beauty Concept
Avalon Emerson — Hot Evening
Eartheater — Pure Smile Snake Venom
Oneohtrix Point Never — Krumville
a.s.o — Love in the Darkness
André 3000 — Ninety Three ‘Til Infinity and Beyonce
Kelela — Enough for Love