Studio Rap Marries Past and Future With Their 3D Printed Tiled Archway

There are days when I feel like a totally luddite, and days when I’m incredibly wow’ed by what’s possible with new developments in technology. Studio RAP is one of those special groups who are utilizing new tech to find develop new and innovative of creating architectural delights. They have built a pair of archways at the PoortMeesters housing in the Netherlands inspired by Delft Blue porcelain.

What’s intriguing about their project though is that archways were made using 3,000 unique tiles that were 3D printed and then arranged in a pattern that was determined by an algorithm. So the algorithm “generated a leaf pattern that grows from one side to the other side that guides people over the staircase between two different public spaces.” It’s a rather remarkable way of marrying the past with the future.