Publisher Turned BookStore in Barcelona’s Terranova

In 2013, Terranova started out as a production company, but its focus shifted to publishing when photographer Rafa Castells approached Terranova founder Luis Cerveró for assistance in releasing his debut book, Schlecker. Over the course of eight years and the creation of more than forty books, Cerveró made the decision to collaborate with “bouquiniste” Lucía Boned, transforming Terranova into a bookshop and gallery while continuing their publishing endeavors.

Publisher Turned BookStore in Barcelona's Terranova

Following extensive restoration efforts, Terranova unveiled its new premises in Barcelona’s Sant Antoni neighborhood in the autumn of 2021, situated within a refurbished 19th-century modernist shoe shop. Their main gola is to offer the city a diverse range of books that are often challenging to find elsewhere, including international art publications, vintage rarities, and self-published fanzines. I’m taking a trip to visit on Saturday, I’m so excited. I love books so much (we shipped so many over here with us) and along with cologne, is my other biggest weakness.