Nosaj Thing & Jacques Greene Release “Too Close” ft. Ouri

We all love a good pairing, especially two things which are incredible on their own. A cheeseburger and sparkling wine? Unbeatable. So I was stoked to hear that electronic music heavyweights Nosaj Thing and Jacques Greene decided to pair up for a new single, “Too Close.” Greene describes the track as “what if a trip-hop record was played at 45,” and saying that there’s a “hazy moodiness and the breaks donʼt really feel like the run-of-the-mill nu-breaks of Bandcamp.” I love this track, it’s got the very sublime, spiritual sound that Nosaj brings with that pulsing energy of Greene, plus some beautiful vocals from Ouri. Plus, I’m loving the artwork from Eric Hu, who’s clearly been continue to explore his Midjourney illustration style, I’m really digging it.

If you enjoyed this single you should also check out the back-to-back DJ set they did last week, with two hours of great tunes. They play a lot of their own tunes, plus some other great tracks, really solid mix (minus the couple of times the power goes out lol).

Nosaj Thing & Jacques Greene Release "Too Close" ft. Ouri