Midnight Marauder is the Best Poster Designer You’ve Never Heard Of

I started following Midnight Marauder on Twitter years ago after seeing his work randomly pop up on the timeline. He’s quite enigmatic, no idea his name or what he looks like, only that he lives in Los Angeles, and that he’s a prolific designer. You would probably know him from the poster for The Worst Person in the World, or perhaps the creative he’s done for Netflix and Amazon and dozens of indie films. Other highlights include this stunning poster for Midsommar and the record for The VVitch (A24 does it right).

Recently, he created the poster for the new Rachel Lambert film, which stars Daisy Ridley, Sometimes I Think About Dying. I love how all the elements of this came together, the romantic script lettering playing in contrast to the title of the film, and the on point choice of colors for the credits at bottom. It’s a perfect balance of objects.

The poster for Sometimes I Think About Dying, designed by Midnight Marauder