‘Live at Spiral House’ by DARKSIDE

Nicolás Jaar is a great example of a musician who continues to push forward into new territories. His seminal album Space Is Only Noise is a timeless record, and his work under Against All Logic has so many gems. It’s the music that he creates under DARKSIDE, alongside Dave Harrington and newly joined member drummer Tlacael Esparza, that seems to be his current passion.

The now trio have a new record out titled Live at Spiral House, featuring material recorded during sessions at the band’s Los Angeles rehearsal space, Spiral House. The record does a great job of capturing that feeling you get hearing a band play live. The added depth that Esparza’s drumming brings is immediately noticeable. They sound like super rad jam band who plays electronic music, guitar solos replacing glitches and noise, a din of noise laying underneath the sounds, bringing a unified warmth to the record.

Live at Spiral House by DARKSIDE