Kylie Minogue Releases HAAi Remix of “Padam Padam”

Something I didn’t see on the moodboard for 2023 was, a) Kyle Minogue having the song of the summer, and b) her asking Australian DJ and producer HAAi to create a remix of said song, the one and only “Padam Padam.” It’s edgier, it’s harder, it’s more rave than gay club, and I love it. I’m a huge fan of HAAi, and the way this remix came together is pretty funny:

A funny story is. I’ve never asked for parts for a song to remix before. Usually you’re approached by a label or management and are commissioned to put a rework together. Until I had a group with some of my nearest and queerest called ‘Padam’. Everything was “padam this” and “padam that’. I thought. How funny would it be, if as a surprise, I got the stems to the track and made a remix for our group of friends. I asked my mgmt, then 2 days later they arrived in my inbox with a message from BMG saying “can’t wait to hear what HAAi does”.

Kylie Minogue - Padam Padam - HAAi Remix