Just What Makes JJJJound Standout?

Coming up in the world of blogging and Tumblrs and all that it’s awesome to see that Justin Saunders has found such success with JJJJound. Started as a mood board of items and objects, it’s over the years become one of the most sought after clothing and accessory brands. Noah Johnson went deep on the JJJJound world for GQ, profiling Justin and his crew about the work they do, the whats and whys, and how it all works.

JJJJound Interview - Justin Saunders - Photos by Samuel Fournier

The line below was really what I found to be most impactful, Johnson speaking about the path he’s taken, as well as the roads he has yet to travel.

“But the true brilliance of JJJJound might be something that no one saw coming, not even Saunders. JJJJound was an education for the internet. It was a visual guide to the rules and patterns of good design that Saunders has lately been employing with the products he’s developed. He spent years building a customer base, drawing them into his world with images long before he ever thought about making clothes. And now he sits at another pivotal moment. There are a number of ways he might grow the brand, including expanding JJJJound’s distribution channels in Europe, where demand is high. Retail stores might also be on the horizon. “I’ve never gotten to this level of the video game,” he tells me. The blog worked without words, but the brand now has a story to tell. “With my approach to things, how do we communicate that the product’s good?” he says. “I’m not very forthcoming. I’m kind of a shy individual, more private. But a lot of people want to know more.””

JJJJound Interview - Photos by Samuel Fournier
JJJJound Interview - Photos by Samuel Fournier