Is This the World’s Stinkiest Cheese?

Highland Fine Cheese claims their Minger is the stinkiest in the world

I read a piece last month about Highland Fine Cheese’s “Minger,” a cheese they claim is the stinkiest in the world, and I keep thinking about it. It’s a funny piece that hits a couple areas I find interesting, food and marketing. This quote sums it up well:

People either love or hate stinky cheese, it’s a polarizing food. But capitalizing on the stench, and naming it Minger, which is slang for someone who is ugly or smells bad, is a perfect combination for grabbing attention. A professor in the article compares it to the act of eating hot chili peppers. There’s a sense of risk and “danger” to the act. It’s a smart move that will hopefully bring more awareness to the small Scottish cheesemakers.