Get Lost in the Lush Beauty of Matt Lyons’ ‘Close’ Poster Illustration

If you haven’t heard of Close it’s a coming-of-age film about “two teenage boys whose close friendship is thrown into disarray when their schoolmates notice their intimacy, causing a rift between them.” It’s been highly regarded critically, winning the Grand Prix at Cannes Film Festival, amongst many other nominations and prizes.

Old friend of TFIB Matt Lyon, an illustrator based just outside of London, has created a sublime poster for the movie, drawing on the visuals of flowers that permeate the film. I love Matt’s use of halftones and textures, as well as his unexpected twist of racking the focus of the flowers to bring in some interesting depth to the piece. And that color palette (which is a signature of Matt’s work tbh) that really works so well here. Incredible work.

Close film poster illustration by Matt Lyon