Delicious Tiptree Green Fig Jam by Wilkin & Sons

OK, this one is a bit random. Since moving here to Barcelona I’ve became kind of obsessed with figs. This includes buying figs from the local mercado, hand wash, and what I’m so excited to share, this Tiptree Green Fig jam from Wilkin & Sons. As it turns out, Wilkin & Sons has a long standing history of jam making, starting way back in 1885. And these days, the company is more than half-owned by employees through a trust, which I can definitely get behind.

As for the jam itself, it’s made from tiny, unripened green figs that provide a really delicious, bright flavor. When I think of ripe figs, it’s more of a hearty, deep flavor that comes to mind. I like to eat mine on thick slices of buttered toast, and then topped with flaky salt. It’s a perfect combo with my morning coffee. The Wilkin & Sons website say they ship to over 60 countries, so if you’re a fan of figs like me, this is well worth checking out.

The Delicious Tiptree Green Fig Jam by Wilkin & Sons