Anthony Bourdain in San Sebastián

Recently, I was made aware of the fact that Anthony Bourdain had visited San Sebastián, and the Basque Country, on three separate occasions: in 2001 with A Cook’s Tour, in 2007 on No Reservations, and in 2016 for Parts Unknown. Like anyone else who admires Bourdain, I had to see if I could watch these episodes. Sure enough, I was able to find his last visit. It was fascinating to see the places he loved, the other areas around San Sebastián he also visited, and of course, see the area through his eyes.

What made watching this more exciting is that I’m about to head out for a long lunch at Restaurante Arzak. Juan Mari Arzak and his daughter Elena are the owners and chef de cuisine of Arzak, and play a huge part in the episode, with Bourdain calling Juan Mari not only his friend, but his mentor. The fact that Bourdain found this place so special to go to only gives even more weight to the experience, I’m so excited to have a chance to eat here.