Andre Aciman and the Joys of Traveling Alone

When we travel to different cities or countries, a little part of our brain unlocks. That overwhelming sense of mystery, intrigue, and excitement. Now nearly 11 months into living in Spain, Kyle and I are doing our best to explore our new home, taking long weekends and day trips, trying not to overthink it.

A recent piece by Andre Aciman captured the joys of being away from the place you call home, and how nice it can be to sit and savor it:

What I’m looking for is more in me than outside of me, just as sitting in this café allows me not to stop time but to distend it, to dispel all my thoughts and indulge in the eros of something unusual. I want to forget time. I don’t like time. When was time ever my friend? I don’t even want Orvieto to give me something new. What I want, maybe, is to be given something back, some intangible something I believe I once cradled but lost track of and can scarcely remember.