And Your Point? Chris Ware’s Thanksgiving New Yorker Plays Itself

I think we all love an eye-catching magazine cover. And usually, illustrator Chris Ware is one of those artists who does bring a unique angle, tapping into something that’s happening in the world that really resonates in a touching way. The New Yorker tapped Ware for their Thanksgiving cover this week, and unfortunately they’ve decided to play into a tired trope.

New Yorker Magazine, 2023 Thanksgiving Cover, Art by Chris Ware

We’ve already seen this concept with Ware’s iconic Halloween cover back in 2009, which at the time, felt like a sign of things to come. It was the rise of smartphones, of mobile devices starting to be more ever-present. In 2023 though, everyone has a phone. They’re engrained in our lives, we often use phones to stay connected to those who are distant, who we can’t see everyday, and who want to share our lives with. This cover is giving big boomer energy. Also, can we talk about the arms of the two people in the foreground? What the hell is happening there?!