An In-Depth Look at the Brilliance of Daniel Roseberry

It was September of 2019, I was visiting Paris for the second time, and Schiaparelli, the famed couture house, was debuting a new collection from their recently appointed creative directer, Daniel Roseberry. I had just came from seeing Emily Bode showing a small collection of Bode at an American’s in Paris event, and I wandered over to Place Vendôme to see what Roseberry had dreamed up.

Daniel Roseberry's debut Schiaparelli collection at the Palace Vendome
Daniel Roseberry's debut Schiaparelli collection at the Palace Vendome

What I saw was astonishing, to say the least. At the time, I wasn’t super familiar with Schiaparelli, or the visionary work brand founder Elsa Schiaparelli had done. Nonetheless, I could tell this was something different. It was high fashion mixed with absurdity, with whimsy. It was meant to be fun and playful and gorgeous.

Rachel Tashjian this week released a fantastic look at the meteoric rise of Roseberry, who since that debut collection has continued to do marvelous work, continuing to show everyone that his bag of tricks runs deep. Funny enough, I think it’s actress and director Natasha Lyonne who sums up what makes Roseberry’s vision so special:

“Really what you’re talking about is world-building,” Lyonne says. “How do you break space-time and how do you do it in a way that is comedic, but that sort of transcends that, so that people can meet you at whatever level you’re at?” There are jokes and existential inquisitions for viewers versed in quantum physics and a beautiful relationship for those who aren’t.”

Daniel Roseberry photographed by Alejandra Loaiza