Acne Delves Into the World of Fantasy Furnishings With the House of Acne Paper

To this day I still love print magazines. My apartment is literally lined with stacks of printed goods. So I was pretty stoked to see that Acne’s most recent issue of Acne Paper, their stunning, over-the-top magazine, would be devoted to “the idea of a house with a fantasy collection of furniture, art and objects.” Yes, please.

House of Acne Paper — Issue18 — SS/2023

“The house has nine rooms and a garden: ten chapters which features a photographic story by some of the most exciting image makers of today. Behind every door there is also a conversation, an informal interview with ten remarkable people from the world of art, design, architecture, performance, literature and interiors.”

The size of the book is astounding. On the website to buy it, they don’t say the page count (though I did some sleuthing and it’s over 500 pages) they instead tell you the dimensions: 27 cm x 22 cm x 5 cm, which is roughly the height of a medium sized egg. And for only €40, it’s such a steal. I should be getting my copy this Friday.