A Unique Way of Exploring Tokyo for First Time Visitors

W. David Marx is an author who has lived in Tokyo for the last 20 years. Recently, he shared what I thought was a rather interesting way to approach visiting Tokyo for the first time, creating a guide that takes a unique perspective. “This three-day guide provides a way to experience very old Edo period spots, mid-20th century establishments, and early 21st century cutting-edge culture.” Ultimately, he’s planned a guide for 72 hours in Tokyo, and I have to say, I would absolutely follow what he’s laid out here. Obviously cities grow and morph over time, and I find it interesting to plan your trip around these different phases of a cities evolution. Also, big shout out to illustrator Yuki Oebo, who created thee super charming art that accompanies the guide.

72 Hours in Tokyo, Illustration by Yuki Uebo