The Illustrated Cities of Sam Brewster

London by Sam Brewster

Long Beach, California by Sam Brewster

Reno, Nevada by Sam Brewster

Sam Brewster is an illustrator currently living and working in East London. Since graduating two years ago he’s worked with a number of impressive clients including the likes of the BBC, WIRED and The Times. Not only that, but he also produces and directs films with his writer friend Sam Halfpenny under the name Sam & Sam. All around he seems like a talented guy!

The pictures above come from the excellent sounding Beer Advocate Magazine; a publication which Sam has been creating work for over the last few months. The images above are of London, Long Beach, and Reno and they’re only a handful of the cities which Sam has drawn – make sure to check out the rest of them on his site by clicking here. I really love the colors he uses; they really add a faded, picture postcard quality to his work – perfect for the cities he draws.

January 3, 2012