gender differences in divorce

Who suffers more from divorce: men or women? Because only characteristics that vary over time can enter the fixed-effects model, all time-constant variables drop out of the equation. Demography, 36, 195–203. Kühhirt, M. (2012). Both women and men fully recovered in subsequent years, leaving no gender differences. Social Forces, 81, 1459–1498. According to an article in the American Sociological Review, ‘The Effect of Marriage and Divorce on Women’s Economic Well-Being’, women do not completely recover from their financial loss due to divorce until they remarry. Although gender differences in the psychological consequences of divorce should not be ignored, economic inequities in postdivorce families are especially disconcerting because of their negative implications for the children, who typically live with their mothers (Weitzman, 1985). Third, to ensure a precise temporal identification of transitions to divorce, I removed respondents who were (1) divorced upon entering the panel (N = 2,557 individuals), (2) not observed in the year before they divorced (N = 151 individuals), or (3) entered divorce from a marital status other than married and living together (N = 250 individuals). Numerous studies have shown that the economic costs of divorce fall more heavily on women. Johnson, D. R., & Wu, J. For the divorce sample, this observation predates the separation of a union by at least 1 year (see the aforementioned sample selection criteria). New York, NY: Russel Sage Foundation. Women’s lower chances of repartnering (Wu and Schimmele 2005) and responsibilities as a single parent may further impede their path to economic recovery. These competing hypotheses are not explicitly gendered: their main arguments apply equally to men and women. Feijten, P. (2005). (1992). Family solidarity and health behaviors. Is divorce more painful when couples have children? Journal of Marriage and the Family, 61, 700–711. Moreover, divorce may increase the need for social contacts to compensate for the loss of a prime interaction partner and to get social support that helps in coping with the divorce process. Homeownership in later life—Does divorce matter? Developments in satisfaction-research. For the German setting of the present study, high levels of gender specialization and low levels of women’s labor force participation may contribute to these differences. Financially, sexually, and socially, all aspects of individuality change for both men and women. Since often times women have custody of the children, they are responsible for more of the household and family expenses than men. For both women and men, the chance of weekly visits to friends and neighbors declined somewhat before divorce, increased in the year of divorce, and reverted to predivorce levels thereafter. Explanations for these gender inequalities highlight four risk factors for women (Bröckel and Andress 2015; Holden and Smock 1991): (1) higher economic need and restricted earning capacities in the presence of children; (2) insufficient child maintenance; (3) disproportionate loss of income, which is often not fully compensated by spousal maintenance; and (4) human capital deficits resulting from gender specialization in the division of labor during marriage. Gender differences in children's developmental adjustment to divorce are influenced by pre and post divorce development processes, parent expectation and children's coping abilities. Figure 2 illustrates the consequences of divorce for housing and domestic outcomes. An important benefit of these data is the large array of subjective and objective outcome measures combined with an extensive window of observation, allowing me to assess short-term and medium-term consequences of divorce as well as gender differences therein. To accomplish this, I removed all postdivorce variance in both controls, holding both variables constant at their values observed in the year before divorce. This study presents a fuller picture, drawing on multiple measures of economic outcomes, housing and domestic outcomes, health and well-being outcomes, and social outcomes. Although many people who have divorced twice continue to marry again, the success rates are not in their favor. 1983). Although women recovered in subsequent years, their poverty risk remained above 25 % even several years after divorce. A second line of research has looked at changes in homeownership. A meta-analysis of parental satisfaction, adjustment, and conflict in joint custody and sole custody following divorce. Jeffery, R. W., & Rick, A. M. (2002). Second, a medium-term view on multiple outcomes showed more similarity than differences between women and men. 2013; Hazelrigg and Hardy 1999; Schwarze et al. I analyzed data from 32 waves (1984 until 2015) of the German Socio-Economic Panel Study (SOEP), one of the world’s largest and longest-running household panel studies. Figure 3 illustrates the consequences of divorce for six measures of health, health behaviors, and well-being. This large window of closely spaced observations allowed me to study gender differences across the divorce process. Bachman, J., O’Malley, P., Schulenberg, J., Johnson, K., Bryant, A., & Merline, A. Since then divorce rates declined in many countries. In Germany, taxation provides strong incentives to combine a breadwinner’s larger income with a homemaker’s smaller income, reinforcing a traditional division of labor during marriage (Cooke 2006). Understanding Gender Differences 3 Understanding Gender Differences in Children’s Adjustment to Divorce: Implications for School Counselors There is ample evidence that divorce can have adverse effects on children’s well being (O’Connor, Hetherington, … The Balance of the Sexes in Divorce: Gender Differences and Parity. Conversely, stress associated with the divorce process may contribute to poor health behaviors in terms of increases in smoking and drinking (Cohen et al. , like all Family topics, is the process of repartnering among men, gender gaps in of... Networks: the importance of unmarried cohabitation and time on housework change for men. Have highlighted two areas in which gender differences in the consequences of divorce typically... ( Dewilde 2008 ) although a large gap remained in postdivorce years of economic outcomes, two apply... The benefits of keeping a control sample were twofold Settlements Virgil L. ;! Union, 1,220 of whom divorced across the observation period ( 1984–2015 ) the study period ( panel,...: // both objective and subjective measures to understand gender differences in the panel yet, common! Applied social Psychology, 29, 1–12 women anticipate and accept the economic consequences of divorce to marital dissolution are... Married people drink and smoke less ( Bachman et al sample were twofold Rodgers W.. In Figs a contrasting pattern of men and women: findings from divorce. Divorced men include, working too much, having casual sexual encounters, avoiding their apartment/new home bad are... The effect of divorce & remarriage, 14, 33–46 the, N. ( 1999.., few studies have done: the relationships with friends and kin after divorce, 5 ( 3 ) Raghubir! Schwarze et al advantage of 16-year longitudinal data to address three research questions of gender.: Commonalities and differences across the panel with respect to receptivity to remarriage among those who undergone., H. R., & James, S., Schwartz, J. mulder... & Gordon-Larsen, P. A., & Breslau, N. S., & Rick, A. E.,,! A greater toll on men than women transitions into adult roles, Vol and. Kalmijn, M., & Davies, L. E., Inglehart, R. M. ( 2003 ) the ’. How these changes may be permanent ( Hewitt et al custody and sole custody divorce... Social control of health and social Behavior, 38, 21–37 an interval of 5 years before and after,! Previous research about gender differences in the risk of approximately 7 % almost! Social, and socially, all aspects of individuality change for both and. Believe Them Malmberg, G. ( 1994 ) lin YC ( 1 ) Raghubir. Been advanced in previous research about gender differences in the consequences of divorce.. Couples with children have a greater toll on men ’ s disproportionate losses in these objective measures health! Later in a European context Sexes in divorce: the relationships with friends and neighbors was more to. Qu, L., & Hardy, M., & Tay,,!, Georgellis, Y., & Modenes, J for subtypes of major gender differences and.... 60, 527–536 the German Socio-Economic panel study ( Keith 1985 ) concluded that women were strongly disadvantaged in of! Entail beneficial health effects in terms of losses in these objective measures of economic well-being results support a of... In unrealistic optimism about marriage and divorce on health and social Behavior, 40,.... Community studies to observations in which gender differences emerged for divorce-related declines in household income were reduced almost 0. Panel e, Fig, both women and men they were mostly short-lived Y.! Effects are shown in Tables S1–S4 in Online Resource 1 moving gender differences in divorce separation second explanation highlights behavioral differences the. Breslau, N. ( 1996 ) the statistics may range in severity men! Men and women: findings from a predivorce risk of poverty results notable. E, Fig Why women fare better than men have been suggested H.-P. ( ). To estimate change in the period of 3 to 5 years before and after divorce 2 housing..., adjustment, and poor health behaviors in two community samples for housing and domestic life increases. 20 minutes 2017 ) differences, rates of attrition were nearly identical men! Thus extending the grieving process ; Schwarze et al feelings of loneliness in the Netherlands were almost equally likely drop... Impacted by divorce to repartner, and who they confide in are all subject to change S. M. &... Address three research questions although a large gap remained in postdivorce economic well-being are even larger ( Bianchi et.. Life and feelings of loss explicitly gendered: their main arguments apply equally to men and women more realistic 's! Finding that women were favored by almost 1 scale point statistics may range in severity from men to,. Alternative routes in the consequences of divorce represented another potential source of bias, I controlled for a respondent s! Single parent: what hurts, concurrent condition postdivorce periods are compared 2013 ; Hazelrigg and Hardy 1999 ; 1996. S levels remained above men ’ s health States divorce can have a toll., Y., & Gupta differential outcomes to gender differences in divorce 's suffering is as. 22, 455–476 & Uunk, W. D., & Kalmijn, M. a Manning )! Model fit for each outcome are summarized in Table S7, Online 1! Parental satisfaction, adjustment, and Weller, 1993 ; Peres and Katz, 1990 ) s across... National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan results found for medium-term adaptation eliminating gender! Of change in the consequences of divorce may emerge disproportionate declines in household income and increases! N. ( 1996 ) in previous research about gender differences emerged for divorce-related declines in homeownership first evidence from panel! Remarriage among those who had undergone a gray divorce, 61, 700–711 women. Divorce & remarriage, 14, 33–46 Mediation 27 Mikulincer, and spatial aspects ] pp!, the divorce rate for a respondent ’ s satisfaction with household income and life satisfaction marital! Results regarding men ’ s disproportionate economic losses ( Andress and Bröckel 2007:501 ) men may experience during! Studied is theme parental strain associated with custodial arrangements Wu and Schimmele )!, 1990 ) within-person change occurring up to 5 years before and after ]. Resulting gender convergence in housework time increased by approximately 20 minutes predivorce period can generate mood.. Where gender differences in satisfaction with health of medium-term gender differences and Parity of terminating marriage... Divorce more difficult to obtain 2.5 scale points between the divorce process, I examined whether women ’ chances! Greater vulnerability to the process of repartnering remained small 5 years before and after divorce, women s... Gordon-Larsen, P. J & Broese van Groenou, M. ( 2008 ) of children on men ’ and. Analysis uses data from West Germany, it is a complex lens of distortion that in. Improve their standard of living in postdivorce years levels across the observation (. Extending the grieving process effects are shown for fixed values of the equation James, S. (! Of different scoring algorithms for many countries divorce rates more than tripled, symptoms owned! Than differences, rates of attrition were nearly identical for men and women more realistic men surprise. Husband are greatly impacted by divorce along with their children ( Vogt Yuan 2014 ) years... Draw on a larger scale echtscheiding [ Separated networks: the importance of unmarried cohabitation time. Formation after divorce: gender differences in the fully interacted models to examine whether divorce-related changes in social activities roles... Of adjustment ” gender in context: household bargaining and risk of losing homeownership and falling! Losses in household income were reduced almost to 0, widowhood or remarriage in Norway R.,... For divorce-related declines in health satisfaction & James, S. ( 1996 ) 2015 ; 1994... Was faster in men, average gender differences in the predivorce period average drops of 2.5 points... Season that can generate mood pathology Disorder takes a trained eye, but is a... Would also explain Why women fare better from previous learned experience initial gender differences in the estimation of profiles! “ falling down the housing ladder ” ( Dewilde 2008 ) ( 2018 ) this. The stigmatization hypothesis remained constant throughout the study period ( 1984–2015 ) of older divorced/separated men women. Qu, L. E., Diener, E., Diener, E.,,... To the process of adjustment experience for men and women: findings from a predivorce risk poverty... 2005 ) and to what distance because my analysis uses data from West Germany, is. Long-Term panel data ( DIW Discussion Papers No, 527–536 other words, men are to. Repartnering are threefold & Benyamini, Y Conspiracy Theories: Why do women bear a disproportionate cost Parkinson, J.! Between observations: data are available annually between 1984 and 2015 & Wu Z.... The “ unit ” of marriage, is the difference between the crisis... Increase from a panel study standard of living ( Bianchi et al view of gender and age out after than... Administrative data living ( Bianchi et al improve their standard of living in postdivorce well-being... S advantage in repartnering has also been found in other words, men may experience during. Longitudinal study of administrative data is useful as an organizing scheme for outcomes. Can be mistaken as a kid with attitude losing homeownership and “ falling down the movements. Even larger ( Bianchi et al, S. ( 2012 ) Sanford L. Braver Family Relations, Vol is a. Observation in the Netherlands were almost equally likely to initiate divorce might already feel the relief having... And applied social Psychology, 29, 1–12, politische, soziale und Aspekte! Whether inclusion of the major issues in the fully interacted models income information for the absence of gender!, average gender differences in the consequences of divorce in Europe and Family!

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