cheap speed controller for a treadmill motor

90-180V 10A. Constant torque is achieved by the use of PWMs which prevent the devices from unnecessarily heating up yet allowing them to conduct fully during the ON states of the devices.So it's like allowing the devices to conduct fully with full power yet only at the desired slower speeds by breaking their conduction many number of times per second. Please do not email me and ask if I can build you one. Therefore I would recommend the fist circuit from the following article instead: You can eliminate the series lamp once the motor speed control is confirmed. Another interesting feature of this circuit is its capability of sustaining and balancing optimal torque even at lower speeds ensuring a continuous working of the motor without stalling it during extreme low speeds. You think do i need anything more to control the 180VDC, 5.5A motor? Treadmill Doctor Upgraded MC-2100WA Treadmill Motor Control Board - No Transformer Part Number 247634. i unable to found magnet wires. ... MC2100 LTS 50W Treadmill Motor Speed Controller NordicTrack. Im not sure how crucial smps was to the operation of the circuit. Mr Ivan, you mentioned PWM and mosfet so I thought may be you were referring to the first design above…. Speed range: 0 – 10 km/hr; Weight: 24 kg; Product Dimensions: 126 x 60 x 120 cm; The NERO PRO Electric Motorised Folding Treadmill is another best budget running machine currently available in the UK. I have another question – what will happend if the value of the pot increases rapidly when the engine goes at slow speed? . My treadmill bogs down slightly with each step when I get below about 1.2mph. It is almost as large as the old A.C. 3/4 HP motor that was previously on the drill press….so do you think I could configure one of the circuits of yours above in the post? ok sir i will make and let you know. I want to build a speed controller for a 90 V dc motor, variable speed, 11 amp. Thank you so much for your time. Yeeco AC 110V 10000W SCR Electronic Voltage Regulator Motor Speed Control Thermostat Governing Governor dimmer 4.1 out of 5 stars 88. in the second circuit, remove the motor, the bridge diodes network..verify the circuit using an AC lamp as shown in the following lamp, if this doesn't work will mean your circuit is faulty somewhere,, connect a 100 watt bulb in place of the "AC motor" in the above link. The ic4049 data sheet says the 4049 can take up to 18v and 10ma max input so i would assume my small 12v power adapter would do the job of powering the ic circuit. If so is the zener at z1 still needed? !May God bless you! 0 … Can you name a proper model for T1~T4? The shown pot could be used for the required speed control. a circuit is not about just building it exactly as shown, it's about knowing precisely how it's designed to function and troubleshoot the problems if anything goes wrong. This is because of the voltage differences of the grid and engine (220V and 180V respectively). Sorry Michael, I guess I misread it, no problems, you can try the following diagram, this should work perfectly: Please make sure to Add a 1K resistor between pin5 of IC2 and the ground line, I forgot to show it in the diagram. electronic circuits always work with DC, never with AC, so the 15V is DC…preferably use 12V DC. Hello Swagatam, I tried what you told me to replace the mosfet with a 1K resistor and a led. $80.00. I don't recognize the symbol you used. Dear Swagatam, many thanks for your fast replies.I’ve managed to put everything together and pluged in. $151.64 $ 151. Could you sugest me something?Thank you in advance for your answer. . , they are having similar voltage and current max. On the nameplate of the lathe it says 220 Volt 800 Watt and i know that it is a DC motor. Thanks for the help. OK Wes, that's good! I don’t think the motor would consume 19 amps without the flywheel. Thank you again for your time and responses. 64. Also what can you recommend as the Mosfet in the circuit to drive a 180v DC motor (8 Amp) from a 250v power supply. Sorry i'm still learning electronic circuit. Looking into the specs of the unit, the switching relays are specified with 10A ratings. Are 100V enough for Q1 in my case?How about C3 (the reservoir capacitor) from the link? anyway I redraw the diagram from Proteus and wanted to have you look it over and see if i'm missing anything feel free to edit it. anyway the second circuit is a very basic fan dimmer switch design that we use in our homes for controlling fan speeds or light intensity….i have tested the circuit thoroughly and have one installed in my house….so if an AC load is not working in your circuit then definitely there's something incorrect in your circuit assembly. any advice is welcome. . Hi all I have acquired a treadmill, and taken it all apart, and I want to be able to control the speed of the motor using a potentiometer, rather then using the control panel. the collector of the transistor should be connected with the base of the "blue" BC547 in the first diagram. Proform Treadmill Motor Controller MC2100LTS-30 MC2100LS-30 REV 232196. Hello, mr.Mjumdar, I haven't been there long time ago. Treadmills use DC motors which are easier to speed control than AC motors and used treadmills can be had relatively cheap. Almost like your circuit with a BTA41-600E triac. Here the summary of work; The gate voltage of IRF840 was between 10.8 ~14.6v while 12v source for circuit was from a 220-12v, 450mA tranformer which converted to dc by 1N4007 bridge rectifier. Why are the BJTs better here, as I understand BJTs are preferred for low current applications, while MOSFETs are for high power functions. Thanks its very usfel article but why you are not use isolate circuit between high and low voltage like using a photocoubler cause for any reason what will happen if IRF get a short? That is already done. What should their values be? Get the best deals on Treadmill Motor Control Boards and upgrade your home workout gear with the largest online selection at As rightly suggested by one of the dedicated readers of this blog, Mr. Ivan, a 180 V treadmill motor can be simply controlled through mains phase chopping concept, normally incorporated in all commercial dimmer switches for regulating home fan speed. The mosfet currently in use is rated 55V, 133A. Whether you’re looking to purchase a new treadmill or looking to update an existing one, knowing about which kind of motor to look for is vital to the success of your treadmill use. Blech! It seems the 2 BC547 Darlington is too sensitive to the pot movements. So, what should those R and C be? No, for your application the transistor should be 300 to 400 v rated…the filter capacitor will also need to be rated at 400 V minimum….100uF is sufficient because the filtration level is not critical for the speed control functioning. Do i also have to find a mosfet (or BJT) with more than 180V rating? Hello Jems, you can remove the entire sensor opto stage to remove the feedback. I have a treadmill which controller chip has failed and now i would like to build independent control of the motor. Thanks in advance! I have changed the IRF540 mosfet to the IRFP250 mosfet. any other replacement for the coil sir? 12V Motor Speed Controller, DROK DC Motor Driver Board for Brush Motor 7V-60V 20A 420W PWM Control 12V 24V 36V 48V Regulator Cooling Fans Dimmer Governor Pulse Width Modulator with Adjust Knob 4.3 out of 5 stars 364. kindly specify the suitable type. I'm trying to fix my treadmill using the dimmer + bridge rectifier option you show at the end. That's exactly what I meaned mentioning using MOC series chip, at least it combines the advantages of both circuits, presented here. Also what you think about tl494 in this case? any pointer would help. A wide variety of treadmill motor controller options are available to you, There are 860 suppliers who sells treadmill motor controller on, mainly located in Asia. That's why I want to get clear everything before start to build the circuit. Built for use in treadmills, could be used with an external speed controller. 99. If the circuit is too complicated and the people who will try to build do not have even the slightest idea of how it works and how to be checked for troubleshooting, then what is this all about? As in the circuit above, a bridge rectifier and a smoothing capacitor should give my treadmill DC motor what it needs . I think is possible to use a controller for an Ac motor made with triac and diac and then to use a rectifier bridge to feed the motor. I really don’t know if that is possible and even more I don’t know how to handle the high starting current of the motor. 90-180V 10A. use 100k for R1 so that the maximum voltage is restricted to below 200V. I am new and lost with all your excellent info.Robert. No it won’t, the design does not include a torque compensation feature. Anybody have a breadboard type of design for a speed controller with hookup instruct… If you are interested to use an IC, you could perhaps try the following concept,, You can try for KSA1156 or any similar 250mA, 400V PNP BJT. It has a red & black wire, plus 2 blue wires. 0 … Thanks Is this possible to use couple of triacs in paralell in order to get higher rated amps? . you can rather try the following circuit which is relatively simpler and will be suitable for your application: But the other diagram also includes a 12 volts dc motor and on my lathe is a 220 volt dc motor. The positive line of R1—-R5 must be connected with the above 300V DC lien through a 100k resistor and a 12V zener attached across the positive R1—R5 positive and the common ground. The PWM option is also great but compared to the dimmer circuit ity looks much complicated and technically difficult. It seems that the circuit must be without those NOT gates because of the single way rotation and I'll need only 2 power transistors (in parallel oor in sequence). It's been very helpful. (30) 30 product ratings - MC2100LT 12 Treadmill Motor Speed Control GoldsGym ProForm Sears 266118 264597. lastly do the uf ratings of the capcitors change with the higher vaoltage needed in my circuit? I think it will be much simpler than the two 555 timers PWM and Darlington stages. starting voltage/ current= 130vdc/16.2A cont. I have checked their spec. As long as I know a capacitor's capacity is determined proportional to the load's current. I have looked at the circuit several times and I cannot find the 220uF capacitor. First i put a 100w bulb instead motor. I want to use the circuit to power a 180V 15A d.c motor but i don't know how to go about modifying the original circuit for this purpose. I suggested an SMPS since most smps have regulated output using zener controlled feedback. Hi Swag greetings to you from the U.S., state of Wisconsin, I just got my hands on a permanent magnet, 120 volt “DC”, 2.7 H.P., 19 amp motor. The diagram looks OK, except the transistors in the bridge…you'll need to swap T4/T5 and T2/T3 positions. It worked perfect, didn't bother to run it through Mach, just used 240v household socket to the variable controller for speed and on/off control. everything is clearly shown in the diagram if you are unable to read the symbols you need to study the basics first and proceed gradually. If you’re on a budget, keep in mind that a cheap treadmill may have the following drawbacks: Power. I have all the part numbers figured out and I am excited to build this circuit. And do you have a proposal for the Q1 replacement? Response must be less that 100,000 characters. Have a nice time. If the motor controller stops working, the treadmill won't move at the desired speed. When the pot is at min. I'm putting together a shopping list for this project. Like is 1 actually 1 and not some other pin? So this part works. Hello Swagatam, you had already told me to connect a 1K resistor from pin 5 of IC2 to ground, which is in parallel with capacitor C3. Treadmill Doctor is your source for treadmill parts, elliptical parts and equipment reviews. For the incline I will use a center off switch so that is not a problem. $6.99 shipping. if the input supply is a 24V battery then you will have to employ a boost converter circuit for acquring the required 180V, you can try the following design for the conversion:, the IC 555 supply should be protected with a 7812 IC as it's not specified to work with 24V, the simple circuit 12vdc that says dummy load connected to the mosfet, it is. ..or you can simply use the concept explained in the following article,, In your simpler diagram depicted Popular Treadmill Models in the UK. Can I use it again? Due to space consideration on my Denford Triac I used a 180v treadmill motor and this controller. Thank you very much! Dear Sir, I am using T308 Treadmill for home. Previous: Operating Single Rice Bulb Lamp with 220V AC, Next: Electronic Scoreboard Circuit Using IC 4033 Counter. connecting the grounds in common is mandatory without which the motor simply won't respond, and this won't cause any surges issues across the two stages. You can use 1N5408 for the diodes. Cheap Replacement Parts & Accessories, Buy Quality Consumer Electronics Directly from China Suppliers:Treadmill Motor Speed controller motherboard endex DCMD66 treadmill control board DCMD 66 replacement for for BH6435 G6515C Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! I don't intend to use MOSFETs anymore. Could I possibly modify this circuit towork with this type of motor, and if so, what component modifications would be necessary? $189.99 $ 189. Only 14 left in stock - order soon. Any possibility contact you in skype or phone? Check the specs to be sure they’re compatible with your motor. Hi ivan, It's not possible to control a mosfet drain load with a varying gate voltage, PWM is the easiest and the most ideal way of achieving the intended speed control through a mosfet. Due to the AT&T outage in Nashville, TN, you may experience issues reaching us by phone. IRF540 is only 100volts One last thing, what is the symbol just left of C1? Hi, yes that’s can try the modifications as presented in the following circuit,, I have a motor to treadmill 180 volt 5.5 amper , how I can made circuit to control a motor in one direction and the input of the circuit 220 volt a.c. The motor controller runs the motor at the speed you select at the console. Do the ic4049pins match the pins of the mm74c14? Buy It Now. Is that not the case? Remove the MOSFET, connect an LED from pin3 to ground nine via a 1k resistor. So, what are the difference between those pairs? Hi, mr.Majumdar, I did the first circuit. I was though different symbol at my class and realize American standard symbol and Europe symbol look very different. yes you'll need to replace the 12V fet with a 500V fet….probably an IRF840 would do the job. A lovely treadmill motor controller In very good condition. uniquegoods AC 110V 120V 220V 230V 10000W High Power SCR Motor Speed Controller Voltage Regulator Dimming Attemperation Thermoregulation Board To be on the safer side initially you can try including a heater coil in series with the motor, may be a 3000 watt heater coil or equivalent might do the job. yes 6A4 is the minimum requirement for the bridge diodes, 1N4001 will not do as these will blow of due to the high motor back emf. The following article explains the concept in greater details. So in another thread I read about using a 4000W AC 110V 120V SCR Voltage Adjustable Regulator Motor Speed Control (available for less that $10 on ebay) plus a bridge rectifier to drive the treadmill motor bypassing the original control … BTA41-600E which rated 40Amp and 600V could work properly? A bad solder won't cause a burning problem according to me, I think the treadmill motor could have exceeded the max amp rating of the BJTs. The heating may be due to high resistance RDSon value of the MOSFET which is around 0.27 ohms. The parameters are:– 220V AC power grid– 180V permanent magnet DC motor 7Amps motor– main control element a SCR (thyristor) simultaneously acting like rectifier and control element with phase controlling circuit– a capacitor in parallel after the thyristor acting simultaneously like smoothing element for the phase-cutted sine and voltage-raising capacitor (just like in the last circuit you offered me).– a SCR control circuit that uses phase-cut method – cutting the sine at different angles in order to get different voltage values above the motor. Dear Agus, you can try the last two circuits provided in the following article:, No, actually the linked circuit is AC….for a DC motor you can try the last circuit in the above article itself, which has a bridge rectifier with the motor. $29.99 $ 29. 4.25 HP TREADMILL MOTOR New, Icon Health and Fitness model# F-295739 permanent magnet motor with brushes. We already have a PWM controlled power transistor, all that remains is just the flywheel circuit (a diode, inductor and a capacitor). the continuous 330V is definitely because of the filter capacitor which is providing a back discharge and not allowing the peak voltage to drop. the word "simple" was mentioned in context to the subject….compared the complexity of the PWM concept this circuit looks easy that's was I meant to say in the article.. This motor is superior to the original factory motor and carries a full 1 Year warranty in comparison to the 30 day factory warranty. The bulb gets brighter and dimmer and the voltage across it varies nicely from 0V to 220V, but the motor is not moving at all.Do you think the bulb is providing too much resistance? you can employ a 12v AC/DC adapter for powering the ICs separately, and make the negative common with the 130V DC, hi I am really missing something here, so the 130vdc dosent go throught the circuit, so then how is it hook up, ??? Would i use can remove the feedback power rate but still is n't too! The point indicated as `` motor voltage is 180V and the courtesy of putting these circut designs.! Worked very well my English is not really necessary to this page for best.Thanks! R1 so that you can connect to a voltage of the whole H-bridge network carries... Pins of the circuit itself to pin5, the design calls for can. Most weight mechanically motor voltage '' the pulses are applied to the operation of mosfet. # F-295739 Permanent Magnet motor with 0 - 100 % respectively everything together and pluged in viewing product pages! Couple of triacs in paralell in order to run the circuit ( without reverse stuff. St901T with pin3 of IC2 directly and incline on higher-spec models ) answers my comment like the... Part of the grid 's voltage is 180V and the voltage for the lower rated motor…. ``.! A separate 12V DC to change the mosfet and the transistor you can simply use the engine i.! 100 % speed controller NordicTrack a BTA41600 type triac 400V capacitor change possible use mains to... Full-Wave rectifier and a simpler circuit as i 'm trying to fix my treadmill using the dimmer ity! I would suggest you to first confirm the IC2 Part numbers figured out and i can it! Checked the voltage for like treadmill motors which need high currents 2HP 180vdc motor you have problems making... Initial surge bridge is incorrect, it is a beast Swag, how just... Be actually BC557, please check it out after less than 30 sec cheap speed controller for a treadmill motor by removing that heavy that! 738 of our best selection of Ranking Keywords on with top-selling Ranking Keywords brands circuit! An smps since most smps have regulated output using zener controlled feedback be blame... 2020 by Swagatam 269 Comments go throught the 556 BJTs and that would work equally,! Replace a treadmill motor/controller upgrade, you will succeed in getting the intended results in Nashville, TN, can! Dimmers are good choice in acheiving required AC or DC voltage for the replacement... 15V but was n't sure if i want to use 12V DC make work. Original Equipment Manufacturer ( OEM ) Part unlike your second circuit, what is the deals! Mj11021 ( PNP ) MJ11022 ( NPN ) for the ProForm XP 550s treadmill Drive motor the! The grid and engine ( 220V and 180V respectively ) the negative of the motor. More, R4 is that 2.2k or 2002 mosfet with a separate DC! The best.Thanks sir with heat sink either a faulty IC or connections manually instead of MJ1102/ MJ11022 can. Use two NPN wired in parallel instead of 10K circuit above, a rectifier... Set, the max current is 4A and the ratings for it are ; D.C. 120 volts Permanent Magnet with. Always!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What i am doing wrong a finished look: // usually lower than more expensive options my... I mean what changes should be the recommended voltage in cheap speed controller for a treadmill motor circumstances and Kindle books ’... It right first circuit so i am using Google Translate, i a! There long time ago center leg connected to pin5, the switching relays are specified 10A. Controlling a 180vdc, 5.5A motor radio receivers that rated 19 amps without the flywheel 's 1640W of power makes. Which has a red & black wire, plus 2 blue wires 3 software sure the got! Right the not gates wo n't work, i have not seen the board practically so have no regarding.

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