Jessica Hische’s poster ‘How To Live Life’ gives damn good advice

Jessica Hische's poster 'How To Live Life' is damn good advice

Inspirational quotes strategically placed in one’s home, or place of work, can be extremely valuable. I have this poster that Erik Marinovich designed for me back in 2012 on the wall across from my bed. Every day when I wake up, I see it and embody the sentiment.

Similarly, this new poster from Jessica Hische titled ‘How To Live Life’, which is a quote taken from a tweet by Helen Rosner, who’s the executive editor at Eater. I love the playful duality of the message. There’s so much bullshit that people get caught up in that doesn’t matter, but at the same time, there’s some really important shit going down that should be treated more seriously. Plus Jess is a master at lettering and this is simply a beautiful piece of work that deserves space on your wall.

You can snag one for yourself for $50.

April 18, 2017