“The Pub” – A wonderfully warped animation by Joseph Pierce

The Pub by Joseph Pierce

The Pub by Joseph Pierce

“The Pub” is a wonderful short animation written and directed by Joseph Pierce. After picking up a slew of awards at the festival circuit it has finally made it’s way onto Vimeo and it was certainly worth the wait. Produced by Fifty Nine Productions, the film captures a day in the life of a barmaid who works at a murky North London pub.

Created using rotoscope animation, Pierce’s work has a wonderfully distinctive style to it. His characters warp and disform as they jitter on the screen and I feel that the technique works particularly well here. With every changing frame of animation we get to see these characters morph and jitter about as they occasionally reveal their suppressed emotions. It’s a great approach to the technique and it’s executed brilliantly here. “The Pub” is at times an unsettling watch but there’s beauty to be found in both its honesty and despair.

March 1, 2013