Dress Up Like An Architect

Architect Barbie

Several weeks ago, Mattel announced Architect Barbie. For whatever reason, this plastic lady’s new career garnered a lot of attention for her, but mostly the attention focused on what she was wearing. I guess style always subsumes substance when it comes to Barbie. Sure, her getup looks a little 1997, but why was it generating all of this racket? To make things… well… happen more, the American Institute of Architects teamed up with Mattel to host a competition to design Architect Barbie’s Dream house.  The five finalists are up for voting and I feel the same way about her potential houses that most folks felt about her dress, which is to say “huh? really?” One of the houses is clearly better than the others, but I’m surprised there weren’t more entries.

I’m not saying you should vote for any particular house, or even that you should vote. This week, instead of featuring built projects, I thought we would look more generally at the life of an architect. We’ll start with something simple: how to dress like an architect. In the case of Architect Barbie, I think we can agree this is not how you should dress. She did get one thing right: the glasses. The easiest way to look like an architect, or any creative professional, is to wear some sassy specks. Next, wear all black, even though it’s dumb, cliche, and unfortunate for people with dandruff. Other things: asymmetrical haircuts, bow ties, colorful socks, and dark circles under your eyes. Bonus points if you can incorporate aluminum accessories.


July 19, 2011