Peel The Label Tell A Fable | A Mixtape by Mark Walat

Peel The Label Tell A Fable | A Mixtape by Mark Walat

Peel The Label Tell A Fable | A Mixtape by Mark Walat

It’s been far too long since I’ve released a mixtape, and I apologize for that. As I think I said before, I don’t listen to music as much as I used to, so it’s rather difficult to put new stuff together frequently. But I think I’ve found the answer. I think I’m going to officially start asking people to make mixtapes for The Fox Is Black, that way we can all hear something and get diverse mix of music, sound good?

First up is a local Los Angeles guy named Mark Walat that I randomly met and ended up having a bunch of friends in common. He’s a regular DJ over on VIVA RADIO a damn good photographer and an all around nice guy. For his mix he’s put together a collection of songs that I would have never put together, and that’s why I’m totally into it. Honestly, I haven’t heard of half of these bands, but it’s a damn good mix, really upbeat and great to get some work done to. In Mark’s own words:

The mix is built around a late 70’s/80’s Funk-Disco-Post-Punk theme. Think the jams you would hear coming from boomboxes on the subway or if you were club hopping the Lower East Side. These are the left field tunes that some say shaped Hip Hop – the tunes from a time before Crack.

If you dig the mix leave Mark some love in the comments, and I need to give Mark a huge thanks for making this mix, even though I’m posting it 6 months later. You’re the best man! I have another mix waiting in the wings, so I’ll be sure to release that really soon as well.

Here’s the tracklist:
Twist by Tones On Tail
Damaged Goods by Gang Of Four
Too Many Creeps by Bush Tetras
Warning Sign by Talking Heads
My Spine Is The Bassline by Shriekback
Cavern by Liquid Liquid
This Is Radio Clash by The Clash
Your Life by Konk
Mongoloid by Devo
Typical Girls by Slits
She Is Beyond Good And Evil by The Pop Group
Now That You’ve Gone by Delta
Rip It Up by Orange Juice
My Spirit by A Certain Ratio
Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll by Ian Dury

P.S. I stole the back photo from a guy named Jeff who was travelling around India!


June 7, 2011