Would You Like To Write for The Fox Is Black?

The Fox Is Black is seeking new writers!

With the departure of Danica and some new projects and ideas beginning to bloom, it’s time that The Fox Is Black grows a bit more. Currently we have four writers and are looking to add two more to our roster…but, there are some qualifications you need to meet.

The first and obvious thing is that you need to be a good writer, certainly a lot better than me, and you have to be able to write consistently and daily. You’ll have to create new content every weekday, which is roughly 250+ posts a year. It’s not a lot of work, but it certainly takes an hour or so to put together a well thought out post that’s not a recycled press release. We also want a person with an interesting opinion or take on things.

You should also be current and up-to-date with things pertaining to art, design, food, film and culture in general. If you look through the site and are unfamiliar with the things you see…well, you’re probably not a good fit. We are looking for people who crave interesting conversation and seek to learn at all times. We also are interested in people with an eye for the beautiful and who want to change the way we all look at art…all to be conveyed in–approximately–250 words or so!

The final–and trickiest!–point is that we are looking for two writers in very specific geographic locations: we are hoping to get a writer outside of the United States and Canada as well as a local, Los Angeles based writer. For the international writer, we want someone who can bring a different perspective to the site, something outside of the Western norm. For the Los Angeles writer, we want someone who is available to accompany and/or be able to attend local events to write coverage on. We also are hoping that they can also take on local topics and help with a few new Los Angeles based projects we have on our plate.

And, to make things a *tad* more limiting, we are going to lean more toward twentysomething female voices (since we now don’t have any anymore!). In any event, to be considered, please send the following:

• A quick paragraph introducing yourself, which must state where you would be reporting from.

• Links to your “social media presence,” AKA your Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, Tumblr, blog, etc.–basically any internet footprint you feel we need to see.

• Please link us to any other sites you contribute to/samples of your work.

• Three sample articles that are 250 words or less.

Please send submissions with the subject line, “New Writer For The Fox Is Black” to kyle@thefoxisblack.com.

We are hoping to make the decision by the end of May. Please let me know if you have any questions and try not to stress over your submission: just be fun, be you, and be creative!


May 3, 2011