CreativeMornings Los Angeles with Michelle Mcilroy of Lomography, Sponsored by The Fox Is Black

CreativeMornings Los Angeles with Michelle Mcilroy of Lomography, Sponsored by The Fox Is Black

To say I’m a fan of Lomography would be an understatement. I first started getting into photography after hearing that skateboarder Ed Templeton shot a lot of his photos with a Holga. This was back in 2001 before the Holga was distributed through Lomo, and you had to order it off of random, bootleg websites. But this eventually lead to me finding Lomography and buying my first LC-A back in 2002 or 2003. To say that the company has done well for itself since then would also be an understatement. Visit any Urban Outfiitters in the world and you’re sure to see an entire display dedicated to their cameras.

They’re amazing to me because in this age of digital everything they still carry the analog flag with both pride and determination. If Polaroid had half the pride and gumption that Lomo had, well, they wouldn’t be relient upon cheesy Lady Gaga endorsements to stay afloat. That said, I’m so proud to be sponsoring this week’s CreativeMornings Los Angeles this Friday, April 8, 2011, with Michelle Mcilroy. Michelle’s technical title is “Southwest Territory Manager for Lomo” but she’s basically in charge of finding interesting spaces for new stores and to get creative people to run them. She’s already done an amazing job with the first L.A. store, one of the coolest looking spaces in L.A.

Tickets will be available at 11am on this morning (Monday) and are totally free. There’s only about 80 tickets, it’s a slightly smaller venue, so grab them by clicking here at the Eventbrite page. As a special bonus, I’ll be giving away some exclusive goodies that no one has even seen or gotten their hands on that will be available in the upcoming shop. I’m talking poster, pins, pencils, maybe even a stack of gold… I might be lying about some of that. Anyhow, if you’re in Los Angeles you should absolutely try and make it out. Lots of creative people, lots of coffee and treats, a good conversation and much more. I hope you can make it out!


P.S. All the backgrounds you see on the site were shot with an LC-A, and the background of the image above was shot with an LC-A.

April 4, 2011