‘Ritmo Juarez’ by Matias Aguayo

Matias Aguayo "Ritmo Juarez"

Matias Aguayo "Ritmo Juarez"

Matias Aguayo very well may have originated irony. The Chilean born leftfield samba disco superstar has been lying low for some time now, as his last album–Ay Ay Ay–came out nearly two years ago. He’s been making appearances on friends and fellow labelmates’ records on his down time, but recently released a music video for his song “Ritmo Juarez.”

The song, like “Rollerskate,” is one of his more accessible and literally illustrates the playfulness of his music and spirit. Dancing, talking, and doing his best Michael Jackson over a green screened (nu-rave) child’s landscape, Aguayo is “transported into a world where Sesame Street meets Tropicana.” Directed by Julia Kasprzak, who also directed Aguayo’s buddies, Rebolledo, the video is just a hoot: silly, fun, and very “now.”

I also want to point out that the repeated dance move, featured in the third photo, has been added to my physical repertoire. It probably will be added to yours, too, as it pretty much serves as a physical chorus in the video. Don’t threaten me with a good time, Aguayo.


March 3, 2011