2011: Down To Business

About a year ago I wrote a little thank you note along with some ideas I had for the blog in the coming year, sort of a list of resolutions. Though I may not have explicitly said it, I knew I wanted to accomplish two things in particular. The first was to have an art show, and the second was to engage the community of Los Angeles. Much to my own delight I was able to accomplish both of those things.

With the help of my friends Angie and Ted from Poketo, Eric Trine and Josh Porter we created Los Angeles, I’m Yours, which brought together some of the best artists Los Angeles has to offer and put them in a flea market style setting. In all it required months of planning and a whole lot of energy, blood, sweat and tears but it was worth every second. Honest, I’ve never been so proud of something in my life. The opening night was a surreal flurry of friends, drinks and fun and I’m so happy to have had the chance to create an environment that fostered so much creativity and positivity.

The second big thing for me was being asked to speak at the Los Angeles branch of Creative Mornings. I’ve never really spoken in front of an audience like that before so I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. Overall though I think it went pretty well. I had fun, the audience laughed and I got my message across, to stay positive and stick to your guns no matter what you want to do.

Now that it’s a new year I’ve got a new set of goals that I thought I’d share.

Getting Down To Business
I’ve decided that this is the year that I bring a shop to the site. I’ve got years of ideas and plenty of talented people to work with, so why not try something new? I also figure it’s better to do something like this on my terms rather than rely upon on outside source. I’m guessing the shop will be up in the next couple months, it’s already been in the works for a month or so. I’ll be sure to post updates as I have them.

Getting You Involved
One of the most important things I want to bring to the table in 2011 is more involvement from you, the reader. This will include more contests and possibly some giveaways if the opportunity is right. I have one ongoing contest I’ll be announcing this week with some other special stuff in the works. If you have any other ideas of things you’d like to see please leave them in the comments.

Speak More
In 2011 I would love to have the opportunity to speak at more events. I had so much fun talking to people at CreativeMornings and having the chance to do that again with another audience would be a thrill. If anyone out there is looking for someone to talk about art, design, culture or inspiration please hit me up.

I was going to use the phrase “that’s it” but in reality these are some pretty big goals for the year. But mostly they’re fun, new projects for me to try my hand at, and hopefully, you’ll be able to enjoy them. Here’s to an exciting new year filled with tons of possibilities.


January 3, 2011