Unbuilt: Bruce Goff

We’re still talking about unbuilt projects right? Here’s another gem: the Viva Hotel and Casino designed by Bruce Goff in 1961. If you’re lucky enough to live in L.A., you may have visited Goff’s Pavilion for Japanese Art at LACMA. I came across the perspective rendering (above) of the Viva Hotel and Casino while shopping for postcards at the Art Institute Chicago. (Between here and here, the Institute has around 150 images of Goff’s work available to view online. Much more of his work is tucked away in archival boxes.) Because his work is often described as organic, I tend to associate Goff with predecessor Gaudi, and I was reminded of Goff’s unbuilt hotel when helpful reader DS posted a link to this article about reviving an unbuilt Gaudi hotel at Ground Zero.


Below are some other Goff drawings in the Art Institute Chicago collection.

December 8, 2010