My Time In Georgia (So Far…)

For the past few days I’ve been Augusta, Georgia visiting my boyfriends family for Thanksgiving. I’ve never been to Georgia before so this has been a really fun trip, seeing brand new things and experiencing a culture very different from the one I’m used to in California. During the trip I’ve been taking a ton of photos and posting them to Instagram (sorry, Instagram friends) but I thought I’d share my adventure so far through the photos I’ve taken.

I’m a big fan of the X-Pro II filter in Instagram. It gives photos a high contrast and high saturation which looks good when you have photos that are already pretty high in contrast. I know putting filters on photos is considered lame or whatever but for me I think it’s really fun to make my photos look just a little bit fancier. If you have an iPhone you should definitely get Instagram and up your game. If you’d like to add me you can find me as ‘thefoxisblack’.


November 26, 2010