Martin de Thurah for the Danish Paviilion

One of my favorite directors Martin de Thurah has released a set of short films for the Danish Pavilion at the Expo 2010 in Shanghai. The videos were meant to reflect the spirit and culture of Denmark by pointing out key parts of their culture. The first video shows the journey of the famous Little Mermaid statue as it’s moved from Copenhagen to Shanghai for the expo (on a sidenote, here’s a photo of the exhibit). The other videos represent families, bicycles and water, which I suppose is the other key elements to being Danish.

The films themselves are tiny masterpieces. de Thurah always has ana amazing eye for details and emotions and I could watch his films nonstop. I think my favorite is the second video which is based around families. The video is like a physical manifestation of children’s imaginations which I think is great. I’d say it’s worth your while to sit back and watch all of these.


October 21, 2010