Ecological Footprint Infographiti Rug by Toko.

Only a little over a month ago I posted about Toko, a design firm situated in Australia who I was really into because of the diversity of their work. I had to revisit them because of a new project called the Infographiti Rug, which is actually a data visualization in rug form. The colorful blobs you see are actually the ecological footprints of continents, the orange part being the world’s biocapicity. It’s sad that something so beautiful represents something so… bad. Here are the colors that go along with the countries:

Purple… Africa
Pink… Asia
Orange… World’s biocapacity
Yellow… Latin America / Carribean
Green… World
Dark green… Europe
Aqua… Oceania
Blue… Australia
Aubergine… N-America
Red… United Arab Emirates

You can get more information on their visualizations over on the site for Infographiti.


October 13, 2010