Nokia ‘Dot’ by Sumo Science

When was the last time you watched a stop-motion animation that mimics a video game, was shot using a cell phone, and holds a world record?  Was it just now?  You’re welcome.  The video is the work of Sumo Science, a UK animation and direction studio lead by Ed Patterson & Will Studd. Here’s how Ed and Will made Dot. In a press release from the Sumo Science’s parent company, the film is described as: “a tiny 9mm girl who wakes up in a magical, magnified world to discover her surroundings are caving in around her. She escapes the encroaching wave of destruction as her world unravels via a path made up of tiny, familiar objects such as coins, pins, pencil shavings, nuts and bolts, until she finds peace by knitting herself a blanket from the very matter that pursues her.”

This video is amusing and well-executed, but so are other Sumo Science videos. The tension between Dot as stand-alone amusement and Dot as a cleverly-diguised Nokia commercial is virtually nil, so I don’t have to waver between thinking “this is great” and “stop trying to sell me stuff!” You think it would have been better with an iPhone?


September 23, 2010