‘Give Me 3’ Campaign with Design by Geoff McFetridge

As I was riding my bike home last week I started noticing these extremely well designed posters popping up with the phrase “Give Me 3” in support of giving bike riders at least 3 feet of space on the road. I immediately thought, “Wow! Those look like something Geoff McFetridge would do.” And sure enough, Geoff McFetridge definitely did design it. The Give Me 3 campaign was created in partnership by the LACBC, Midnight Ridazz, LADOT, and LAPD as a way to increase bike safety in the city. I think the image is totally fun and it’s nice to be riding with these giant posters along side me as a constant reminder.

I’d say for the most part my experience biking to work has been really easy, so far. I haven’t had any big problems and for the most part people are quite conscious of where I’m at. These posters are going to be posted up until December and hopefully they stay up for quite a while.

For more info about the project click here.


September 7, 2010