‘The Bike Song’ by Mark Ronson

(Update 1: The video was removed and I can’t find it anywhere because his record label, Columbia, are a bunch of idiots and don’t want anyone to embed the video. This is yet another reason why major labels are complete idiots and are going the way of the dinosaurs.)

(Update 2: Someone found another version, so we’ll try this again. I doubt it’ll stay up long.)

I’m getting pretty excited for Mark Ronson’s upcoming album Record Collection as the first couple songs I’ve heard have been really great so far. His newest single is called The Bike Song and features Kyle Falconer (of the Scottish band The View) and Spank Rock and I’ve been listening to it a lot lately. The video starts where the previous video for the song Bang Bang Bang ends, as he walks out of the studio and transforms into “Bike configuration”, a bleached out Parisian hipster rocking a Schwinn with a giant soundsystem on the front. Check out the song and see if you think it’s as catchy as I do.


September 2, 2010