Rendezvous in Wrongtown

The word “home” is generally associated with ideas of shelter, protection, nurture and comfort, but what happens when you allow a mix of artists, collectives and curators unlimited access to a one million dollar domestic space? What I imagine to be a once homely and cosy area has been deconstructed, dismantled and transformed into a site of the uncanny. For the one day exhibition, Rendezvous in Wrongtown, a Melbourne home was given a massive overhaul to become a multifaceted art installation.With a girl lurking underneath the ripped floorboards courtesy of Urban Village Melbourne (yes, she’s real – not a mannequin!), a walk in wardrobe overflowing with sticky foodstuffs created by the Hotham Street Ladies and a kitchen that has been reconstructed as a sinkhole by Andy Hutson, the exhibition appears to have offered a strangely beautiful experience with dark undercurrents of creepiness – and that is only a small snapshot of the home’s surreal makeover.

This video, courtesy of the ABC’s Art Nation program, provides a view into the exhibition’s homage to the unhomely by uncovering the artistically renovated nooks and crannies of the house. Personally, I think this is one of the most exciting and evocatively creative art projects I have seen in a long time.


August 30, 2010