Hookturn Industries Reusable BYO Coffee Cup

When I was in my teens I was harshly dubbed by a member of my family as “an advertising whore.” This family member – who shall remain nameless – was quite clearly referring to how I am easily seduced by both print and television advertising and even went so far as to list various examples of this behaviour. I’d like to think that I am now wiser and less likely to fall prey to the charms of my capitalist suitors, but I must admit that I am rather besotted with this advertisement for Hookturn Industries BYO reusable coffee cup.

Yes, it only took one look at the cups’ simple silicone design and the cute Melbourne cafe location and I was gone. Plus, their environmentally friendly ethos really tickles my fancy too. I guess old habits die hard.

If you’re also keen, the BYO reusable coffee cups can be purchased via Hookturn Industries online store.


August 5, 2010